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Español: Shangri-La (chino: 香格里拉, pinyin: Xiānggélǐlā), antiguamente conocida como Zhongdian (中甸, Zhōngdiàn), es una ciudad situada al noroeste de la provincia de Yunnan en la República Popular China.
English: Shangri-La County or Xianggelila County (Chinese: 香格里拉县) is a primarily Tibetan county in northwestern Yunnan Province in southwest China. Its name was changed from Zhongdian County (Chinese: 中甸县) by the government several years ago. The local Tibetan population refers to it by the name Gyalthang. "Shangri-La" or "Zhongdian" may also refer to Jiantang Town (建塘镇), the capital of the county.