IOC Classification: DomainEukaryota • RegnumAnimalia • PhylumChordata • SubphylumVertebrata • InfraphylumGnathostomata • SuperclassisTetrapoda • ClassisAves • SuperordoNeognathae • OrdoPasseriformes • SubordoPasseri • SuperfamiliaPasseroidea • FamiliaFringillidae • Subfamilia: Carduelinae Vigors, 1825
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Acanthis, Callacanthis, Carduelis, Carpodacus, Chaunoproctus, Chloris, Coccothraustes, Crithagra, Eophona, Haematospiza, Leucosticte, Linaria, Linurgus, Loxia, Mycerobas, Neospiza, Pinicola, Pyrrhoplectes, Pyrrhula, Rhodopechys, Rhynchostruthus, Serinus, Spinus, Uragus
  • Note: The systematics of the cardueline finches are contentious. Therefore wikicommons will avoid the Fringillidae subfamilies and simply follow IOC classification 2.6 => This category should be empty
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