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Category:Grosser Zapfenstreich

Deutsch: Der Große Zapfenstreich ist eine feierliche, am Abend abgehaltene Militärzeremonie mit Streitkräften und Musik. Er ist das höchste militärische Zeremoniell der Bundeswehr. (→)
English: The ("Grand Tattoo") is a military ceremony performed in Germany and Austria. It is similar to the military tattoo ceremony carried out in English-speaking countries, and is the most important ceremonial act executed by the German federal armed forces, the Bundeswehr. The Zapfenstreich is performed only on the occasion of national celebrations and solemn public ceremonies, or to honour distinguished persons at such special events as the leave-taking ceremony for German presidents; also at the conclusion of large military exercises. It takes place in the evening hours and consists of a military formation including at least one military band, two platoons of armed infantrymen and two lines of soldiers carrying torches, all in all about 400 men.

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