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  • guitars - modern (after 1900) - gypsy guitar. ATLAS of Plucked Instruments. "In the 1930 the French instrument factory Selmer (known for brass instruments) hired the (classical) guitarplayer Maccaferri to help design some guitars. The most succesful was this type of guitar, the Jazz model, that was soon used by the famous gypsy guitarist Django Reinhardt. Irony is that both men never met. The instrument is known by names like gypsy guitar, manouch guitar, Django guitar, Maccaferri guitar, Selmer guitar, etc.”, “The guitar is quite large, with a slightly rounded top (and back). The tuning head and the fingerboard are similar to a classical guitar. The body had a cut-away to ease playing notes high on the fretboard. The soundhole is either a large wide D-shape, or a smal oval shape."


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