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The martlet as depicted in standard English heraldry, here with tincture sable

Note: In English heraldry the Martlet is a representation of a House-Marten bird, like a swallow. Many if not most of the images shown in this category, especially the computer drawn ones, with duck-like bodies, long swan-like necks & chopped-off beaks and feet, are not representative forms from English heraldry, but show the Merlette of French Heraldry. The two forms should not be confused. The category needs to be split into two: "English martlet" & "French merlette".

Català: Merleta a l'heràldica
Deutsch: Merletten in der Heraldik
English: Martlets in heraldry
Español: Merleta en heráldica
Français : Merlettes en héraldique

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