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  • Built in Glasgow Scotland in 1870
  • Length: 36.6 m
  • Beam: 9.8 m
  • Named: MAUD and working in Kingston ON.
  • 1895 Enlarged and renamed the AMERICA
  • 1920 Came to Georgian Bay as a steam side-wheeler and renamed as the MIDLAND CITY by the Georgian Bay Tourist Company of Midland.
  • The ship was well staffed and luxurious by the days standards and including a restaurant and staterooms for the wealthy. She even had space to transport two cars.
  • 1926 Sank when tied to the dock when a storm tilted her and her open portholes filled her with water.
  • 1933 Converted to a propeller motor ship.
  • 1934 Sank on return from Go Home Bay she struck a reef at Present Island and she was beached on Midland Point to prevent lose.
  • 1955 De-registered and hauled up where Wye Heritage Marina is now.

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