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English: Porträttgalleri från Östergötland (1937) is a photo-illustrated who's who for the province Östergötland, Sweden. It has been digitized in Project Runeberg. All photos are in the public domain.
Svenska: Porträttgalleri från Östergötland (1937) har digitaliserats inom Projekt Runeberg. Fotografierna omfattas inte längre av upphovsrätt.

Public domain
This Swedish photograph is free to use under one of the following cases:
  • For photographic works (fotografiska verk), the image is in the public domain:
a) if the photographer died before January 1, 1944, or
b) if the photographer is not known, and cannot be traced, and the image was created before January 1, 1944.
  • For photographic pictures (fotografiska bilder), such as images by the press, the image is in the public domain if created before January 1, 1969 (transitional regulations 1994).

The photographer, if known, should always be attributed.
Always provide source information.

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