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Popular Archaeology magazine is a 100% online periodical dedicated to bringing archaeology to the public. As the title suggests, it is the world's most popular exclusively digital archaeology magazine. We bring high quality original content, most of it produced exclusively for Popular Archaeology, for discriminating readers of the general public who have come to expect content similar to what can be found in the major print magazines. Unlike most other major magazines related to archaeology, no paper copies will ever be produced and distributed, so it will always be "green", and it will always be less costly to produce and therefore far less costly to purchase by premium subscribers (although regular subscriptions are always free). Most of our writers and contributors are either pioneering professionals or top experts in their fields, or are individuals relating first-hand experiences; however, the magazine is unique among other archaeology-related magazines in that it makes it easy to invite and encourage members of the public (YOU) to join us as a subscriber so that you can make comments and submit pertinent articles, blogs, events, directory listings, and classified ads for publication. As a volunteer or student, do you have a fascinating story to tell about an archaeological experience? As a professional archaeologist, scholar, educator, or scientist, do you have a discovery, program or project that you think would be of interest to the world? Do you have an archaeology-related service or item for sale? Would you like to have your archaeology-related blog post featured on the front page? (Ad and specially featured item prices are lower than what you will find in any other major archaeology magazine). Finally, because the content is produced by a very broad spectrum of contributors, you will see more feature articles than what you would typically find in the major print publications, with the same content quality. And although access to many of our best articles requires a paid subscription, access to some of our top articles only requires a free (regular) subscription, and in some cases are even accessible by the general public without a subscription.

An article in the December 2012 issue is about the ancient phaistos disk. "The Phaistos Disk: A New Approach," by Victoria Shockley wrote that author Peter Aleff says the "signs are actually markings for the fields on an ancient game board path, and he offers evidence to support this analysis" in his book titled Solomon's Sky: The Religious Board Game on the Phaistos Dick.


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