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Čeština: Kruhové objezdy
Deutsch: Ein Kreisverkehr (auch Kreisverkehrsplatz, umgangssprachlich Kreisel genannt) ist eine besondere straßenbauliche Art des Verkehrsknotenpunktes. Er besteht aus der Kreisfahrbahn und einer Mittelinsel.
English: A roundabout or rotary is a type of road junction (or traffic calming device) at which traffic enters a stream around a central island after first yielding (giving way) to the circulating traffic. In the United States it is technically called a "modern roundabout", to emphasize the distinction from the older, larger type of traffic circle (though most Americans still refer to them as "Traffic Circles"). Roundabouts are statistically safer than both traffic circles and traditional intersections, though they do not cope as well with the traffic on motorways, highways, or similar fast roads. In many parts of the English Midlands roundabouts are commonly referred to as "islands". For fairground roundabouts, see Category:Carousels.
Français : Pour les manèges, voir Category:Carousels
Polski: Rondo - skrzyżowanie o ruchu okrężnym


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