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English: The en:Toroweap Fault, below Toroweap Point of the (west) North Rim, Grand Canyon-(also of South Rim), above the Colorado River. The Toroweap Fault, has the en:Aubrey Cliffs as its east border, (on the South Rim), from the west perimeter of The Esplanade (Esplanade Sandstone of the Supai Group), on the south side of the Colorado River (South Rim), the cliffs, going south through Prospect Valley, then to en:Aubrey Valley. The Toroweap Fault also extends north to the border with Utah, and into southwest Utah.

At the Colorado River, west of Toroweap Point, the Hurricane Fault begins, (west mountain border, Uinkaret Mountains, the mountains forming the west border of Toroweap Valley). The Hurricane Fault is expressed by the en:Hurricane Cliffs which extend north into southwest Utah; they are the west, southwest border of the en:Colorado Plateau; the Aubrey Cliffs(east border of Toroweap Fault), are the west perimeter of the en:Coconino Plateau. The High Plateaus Section. (also of Utah), in Arizona, the Kaibab, Coconino, Kanab, Paria, Kaibito, and Shivwits Plateau, etc. are just some of the named plateaus; some form part of the North Rim, Grand Canyon, the location of Toroweap Point-(the Coconino forms the (east) South Rim, Grand Canyon).

The en:Uinkaret volcanic field, west of Toroweap Point, and Valley, are a resultant from the 2-fault system, as the lavas extrude out of rock weak points.


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