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English: Uvalas are large, dry closed depression, as are poljes. But they are significantly different: Formed by the coalescence of several dolines (bowl-shaped sinkholes), which have enlarged towards each other. Typically, the floor is irregular, being a combination of doline floors and degraded slopes of the individual hollows. [Karst Water Institute, Washington D.C.].
Deutsch: Karstwanne/Karstmulde/Dolinenfeld.
Seichte, trockene, geschlossene Depression, unebener Boden, gelappter Rand, Größe: Zwischen Doline (sinkhole) und Polje, 1 : 10 (tief : breit). Es sind durch fortgeschrittene Verwitterung der trennenden Ränder zusammengewachsene Dolinen, dann oft auch mit dicken Sedimenten aufgefüllt.


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