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This Temple is famous for its long history and Buddha culture, most of all the most reputable is a Wooden Buddha Statue which some said is the biggest in China.

Most of what we see nowadays is from Song Dynasty, it was inordinately built in Dong Dynasty.

There used be be a lot big cypress trees with thousands of years, but they were all destroyed around 50 years ago in Cultural Big Reform by crazy people.

There is a room with an original Buddha-Temple-Rotating-Wooden-Shelf for Buddha Books, it is huge and very advanced go back thousand years ago.

On the wall of this Temple, we still can see some luckily-saved elegant, beautiful ancient paintings about Buddha Stories.

Shijiazhuang SinoGuider Tour Agency can provide you professional tour guidance in Longxing Temple, help you make your trip easier when you come to see the Ancient LongXing Temple.

This Temple is located in the downtown area of Zhengding district of Shijiazhuang where there are many five or four star hotels you could choose.

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