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For the Roman circus, a stadium used for chariot racing, see circus (building).

  • Deutsch: Zirkus ein Unternehmen das in einer Show Artisten, Tierdressuren, Akrobaten und Clowns in einem Gebäude oder Zelt auftreten lässt und meist nicht an einem Ort bleibt.
  • English: Circus is a travelling show that usually includes acrobats, animal trainers, clowns and other novelty acts such as juggling. There are also permanent circus buildings, mostly used in winter.
  • Polski: Cyrk – rodzaj widowiska rozrywkowego złożonego z pokazów ćwiczeń akrobatycznych, żonglerki, tresury zwierząt i występu klownów.
  • Română: Circul este o firmă care prezintă spectacole distractive vizuale, de multe ori ambulant, cu artiști-acrobați, animale dresate, comici-clowni, prestigidatori, etc.

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Europe CEPT edition from 8 April 2002. Artists were Anna Katrina Olsen (aged 13) and Sára Zachariasardóttir (aged 13). All shool kids on the Faroes were invited to draw a stamp and 1.137 drawings were made. These are the winners, voted in a ballot by the Faroese people:


Circus Acts. Stamp series from 1965.