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We need a bot to add {{Wikidata}} to category pages which have a reciprocal "Commons category" property (P373), "Commons gallery" property (P935) or commons page link on Wikidata. See the template's "what links here" page for examples. Can someone do that, please? Andy Mabbett (talk) 10:43, 15 October 2014 (UTC)

Easy enough and Faebot has some slack. Is there a community agreement on this to point to, it would be a very widespread change. -- (talk) 11:40, 15 October 2014 (UTC)
Note that on most wikis, {{Wikidata}} is used to link a page to the Wikidata item that precisely matches that page, not to a related Wikidata item. For Commons categories, article-like Wikidata items are only related, not the items that precisely matches the page. So we should perhaps be cautious about exactly how we use {{Wikidata}}.
Instead, we should perhaps come up with a more specialised template to link Categories here with Articles on wikidata and wikipedias, using the "topic's main category" property (P910) where possible. For those articles we could, for example, give the item's name as given in any language on Wikidata (once Phase 2 is enabled here, which Lydia is happy to turn on whenever we ask for it), and possibly the description in any language (need to check). Further fields could also be provided once Phase 3 is available.
Property P910 is only possible for Categories here that are linked to a category-like item on Wikidata. For reasonably current statistics, see d:Wikidata:WikiProject Structured Data for Commons/Phase 1 progress/Statistics and its talk page. Not all Commons cats currently have items, and of those not all category-items currently have values for property P910 to indicate corresponding article-items. But creating the template would be an incentive to improve this. Jheald (talk) 12:19, 15 October 2014 (UTC)
Pinging @Multichill: for feed-in on this. Jheald (talk) 12:23, 15 October 2014 (UTC)
Parking, pending advice. Looking at as an example, this shows that the Commons gallery Barack Obama already links to the Wikidata entry, yet I see no obvious template needed to do this. I suspect that any quick bot I run up would not be as efficient as other, more systematic, solutions. Smile fasdfdsfoiueire.svg -- (talk) 12:33, 15 October 2014 (UTC)
On a gallery page, we should be able to automatically pull the translation table, and a link to a wiki in the user's preferred language or best fallback, on the fly automatically from the corresponding fields on Wikidata. It just needs somebody to knock together a template, and the community to agree that it wants to roll it out. I'd volunteer, but I need to be a bit focussed on the supporting pages and materials for this at the moment. Jheald (talk) 14:52, 15 October 2014 (UTC)
Here's a testpage for a very basic version of such a template: d:Template:SimpleCommonsGalleryHeader/test. On Commons the "see also" link would be prettier, cf the "see also" at the top of the gallery London currently. The text of the wikilink and description should adapt automatically to the user's current language (or preferred fallback). What else would be good to be added ? Jheald (talk) 19:33, 17 October 2014 (UTC)

I'd be content for there to be a "Wikidata item for this category" template, specifically for categories. But to not have a link to Wikidata from categories, at all, is unhelpful, to say the least. As is waiting for a future phase of Wikidata. Andy Mabbett (talk) 22:09, 15 October 2014 (UTC)

@Pigsonthewing:. There are 700,000 categories that can (currently) be tied to a Wikidata article-like item using P373. A bot running at 12 edits a minute would take 6 weeks - 40 days, more precisely - to go through them all. So we should probably work out what we want, and exactly what fields we want to be putting into any template, before starting any such bot run. Jheald (talk) 23:40, 15 October 2014 (UTC)
At least I'm not wasting anyone's time with trivial requests, then ;-) Fair enough; let's decide what we need. Andy Mabbett (talk) 20:41, 16 October 2014 (UTC)
Rather than templates, isn't cross-linking something that could work in a similar way to global links? That is, more at a wiki database level rather than wiki page level, or is that a silly way of making it work system wide? -- (talk) 20:13, 17 October 2014 (UTC)
@Fae: To some extent it already does. We already have sidebar links, and clicking on the little quill at the bottom takes you to the Wikidata page. But this could certainly be made more prominent -- so there's a case for putting the link on the page; but arguably then whether and how to present such a link becomes something for the page markup code.
There's a separate issue, that some categories don't (yet) have Wikidata entries, yet relate to articles which do have a Wikidata item. So these categories need something to relate them to the article-like Wikidata item and the articles. Either that information should be stored on the page; or (better, because it can be navigated the other way as well) they should have a new category-like Wikidata item made for them, and that should be linked to the article-like Wikidata item. It's something that should bring advantages, if we can describe in machine readable form what categories represent -- ie perhaps a multiple intersection of items; or files from a particular scanning of a particular book. But with 3.5 million categories on the system, it will be quite a big task, presumably one that will need to rely heavily on some automated analysis of the category tree. Jheald (talk) 20:57, 17 October 2014 (UTC)
Any such solution will take a significant time to develop and implement. We can start applying a template today, and if the former solution eventually happens, then the links in the templates can be converted to it. Andy Mabbett (talk) 22:01, 17 October 2014 (UTC)
@Fae, Pigsonthewing:. A little more on this.
If pages have a direct 1:1 link to an item on wikidata, then a "Wikidata item" link is shown in the "tools" section of the sidebar, which goes to the wikidata page of the corresponding item.
For headers of galleries that have a linked wikidata item, can I suggest an appropriate template would be something like that tested at d:Template:SimpleCommonsGalleryHeader/test (though a bit more polished), that would automatically show a category link, language-localised wikipedia link, and language-localised description. It could also be display little icons to link to wikisource, wikiquote, wikidata etc similar to the way Creator templates do at present.
That leaves headers of categories. There are two complications here: (i) most Commons categories don't have wikidata items (and it is not clear whether they should, or whether the Structured Data team will find a different place to store structured data about them); and (ii) in most cases it is relevant Wikidata articles we are interested in a template linking to, or the Reasonator page for an article-like item, not the category page.
For categories it probably is useful to store the Q-number for a wikidata item in a template. But it should probably be the Q-number for most closely related article-like item, that could then be displayed using Reasonator, rather than the Q-number for the category-like item (if any) that is directly site-linked to the page.
This is not what {{Wikidata}} does, so we should be looking for a different template, not {{Wikidata}}. Jheald (talk) 13:37, 22 October 2014 (UTC)
RfC now open as to whether we would like to ask for Wikidata Phase 2 now to be activated for Commons. This would allow the automated gallery-header template to be trialled and installed. Jheald (talk) 14:47, 22 October 2014 (UTC)


While Wikidata Phase 2 is a good thingTM, how can we move this request forward, in the meantime? Andy Mabbett (talk) 16:18, 26 October 2014 (UTC)

@Pigsonthewing: Hi Andy, thanks for cracking the whip and keeping noses to the grindstone. In my opinion, we ought to create a template {{Reasonator}}, with syntax {{Reasonator|P301=Q....}}. The template would create a right-justified patch, similar in style to en:Template:Commons category, with text "Data, and links to articles on this topic, are available on Reasonator", linking through to the Reasonator page for the corresponding wikidata article-like item.
It should be possible to roll this out to about 700,000 Commons categories.
This could be done straight away, and would not need Phase 2 wikidata for it to work. Even with Phase 2, it is about as good as we will be able to do for categories while 'arbitrary access' is unavailable. Jheald (talk) 16:07, 27 October 2014 (UTC)
Why not add a Reasonator link to the existing {{Wikidata}} template? Andy Mabbett (talk) 19:28, 27 October 2014 (UTC)
@Pigsonthewing: The existing {{Wikidata}} template is problematic, because for a category it is not clear whether it is being used to link to one of Wikidata's category-like items, or one of Wikidata's article-like items. The reasonator template would explicitly be linking to the latter.
The existing template in any case only has 3600 transclusions, so it is not such a hardship to start again. Jheald (talk) 20:31, 27 October 2014 (UTC)
In that case, I suggest we add a parameter to the existing Wikdata template to indicate which type it's linking to. Alternatively we could survey which type the majority of the 3,600 transclusions are used for, and either make that the default with a switch for the other type; or deprecate its use for the other type. I'm keen to get this moving. Andy Mabbett (talk) 12:11, 21 November 2014 (UTC)
@Pigsonthewing: Update: TheDJ (talk · contribs) put together a very nice gadget at the hackathon in Amsterdam last weekend (User:TheDJ/wdcat.js), which automatically shows a template-style link to Reasonator on a category page if there is an article-like Wikidata item available without having to add a template to the page.
To try it, add importScript('User:TheDJ/wdcat.js'); to your common.js file.
Unfortunately at the moment it takes a bit too long to load, and puts a bit too much load on the WDQ server for mass usage. But that could quite likely be resolved, if a server tool were written to provide it its own specialist look-up table, rather than using the generic WDQ call. Jheald (talk) 11:03, 23 November 2014 (UTC)

Please remove boilerplate in conflict with {{PD-USGov}} from ~400 filesEdit

We have lots of cool official White House photos, which are (or should be) all tagged PD-USGov. Please remove boilerplate that's in conflict with {{PD-USGov}}. For admin confirmation that this is appropriate, see here (concise) and here (longer). Cirt notes, "Commonly the blurb text used for example at by the current White House Administration account with Flickr is wrong." The admin continues, "The best way to remedy this is not to include the disclaimer text from Flickr from that account, and simply include the "PD-USGov" tag, as that's the official copyright license for those images." I don't have the patience to remove every instance of the boilerplate (~400) manually, but maybe someone will make a bot do it. Thanks in advance! (It looks like VisualFileChange tool can not be used for these mass-changes because it doesn't allow body searches in the initial select. Am I right about that, User:Pigsonthewing?) --Elvey (talk) 17:22, 29 October 2014 (UTC)

Rationale and safety: In addition to the above, I think it's safe to delete the text "This official White House photograph is being made available only for publication by news organizations and/or for personal use printing by the subject(s) of the photograph. The photograph may not be manipulated in any way and may not be used in commercial or political materials, advertisements, emails, products, promotions that in any way suggests approval or endorsement of the President, the First Family, or the White House." en masse from file space because of the explanations given and linked to above. Because it's inherently contradictory, the bot shouldn't be in error. If it's an "official White House photograph", it is a work of the US Government, which makes it PD, so manipulations and commercial use are generally fine. I've already done a half dozen or so such edits, and they have all survived scrutiny.--Elvey (talk) 17:22, 29 October 2014 (UTC)

Leaving it in place is, arguably, perpetuating copyfraud.--Elvey (talk) 20:17, 31 October 2014 (UTC)

Change de:Schachbundesliga to de:Schachbundesliga (Deutschland)Edit

At the german language Wikipedia the article de:Schachbundesliga was moved to de:Schachbundesliga (Deutschland). de:Schachbundesliga now is a disambiguation page. Could a bot change all such crosswiki links here at Commons:

  • from [[:de:Schachbundesliga| to [[:de:Schachbundesliga (Deutschland)|
  • from [[:de:Schach-Bundesliga| to [[:de:Schachbundesliga (Deutschland)|
  • from [[:de:2. Schachbundesliga| to [[:de:2. Schachbundesliga (Deutschland)|
  • from [[:de:2. Schach-Bundesliga| to [[:de:2. Schachbundesliga (Deutschland)|
  • from [[:de:Schachbundesliga# to [[:de:Schachbundesliga (Deutschland)#
  • from [[:de:Schach-Bundesliga# to [[:de:Schachbundesliga (Deutschland)#
  • from [[:de:2. Schachbundesliga# to [[:de:2. Schachbundesliga (Deutschland)#
  • from [[:de:2. Schach-Bundesliga# to [[:de:2. Schachbundesliga (Deutschland)#

Many thanks for your help! --Filzstift (talk) 12:30, 30 October 2014 (UTC) updated --Filzstift (talk) 20:13, 30 October 2014 (UTC)

I can't find links here on commons. "There were no results matching the query." --Steinsplitter (talk) 20:40, 30 October 2014 (UTC)
I will check it with Tsor. --Filzstift (talk) 10:52, 4 November 2014 (UTC)

Category duplication fixingEdit

I was just going through all of my photographs to fix some licensing and permissions on them and I noticed that there were some categories duplicated twice. Since I ran into it on more than one image, I figured that there must be many more images out there with issues like this. In lieu of having no technical skills to code a bot, would someone be able to run a bot or create one that removes duplicate categories from images? Kevin Rutherford (talk) 05:54, 6 November 2014 (UTC)

As I understand this, it is only a minor problem in the source, not the parsed page. Nonetheless, user:yaCBot fixes those. --McZusatz (talk) 17:46, 6 November 2014 (UTC)
Checkmark This section is resolved and can be archived. If you disagree, replace this template with your comment. Leyo 10:05, 27 November 2014 (UTC): OK?

Replace superseded flags of municipalities of the NetherlandsEdit

Hello, I created a list with flags and a better vectorized version of the corresponding flag.
It would be nice if somebody could do a mass replace on this list, I could do it myself via GlobalReplace but that would take too much time and all the recent changes will be spammed with my edits.
Thanks in advance!


Old flag: New flag (all svg):
Flag of Aa en Hunze.gif Flag of Aa en Hunze.svg
Assen flag 450.jpg Flag of Assen.svg
Flag of Borger-Odoorn.gif Borger-Odoorn vlag.svg
Flag of Coevorden.gif Flag of Coevorden.svg
VlagEmmen.gif Emmen vlag.svg
Hoogeveen flag 450 outline.jpg Flag of Hoogeveen.svg
VlagMeppel.gif Flag of Meppel.svg
Flag of Midden-Drenthe.gif Midden-Drenthe Netherlands.svg
Flag of the municipality of Tynaarlo.gif Flag of Tynaarlo.svg
Lelystad flag.jpg Flag of Lelystad.svg
Flag of Noordoostpolder.gif Noordoostpolder vlag.svg
Vlag urk.gif Urk vlag.svg
Zeewolde flag.png Flag of Zeewolde.svg
Flag of Achtkarspelen.jpg Flag of Achtkarspelen.svg
Flag of Ameland.jpg Flag of Ameland.svg
VlagBarradeel.jpg Flag of Barradeel.svg
Het Bildt flag outline.png Flag of Het Bildt.svg
Flag of Bolsward.gif Bolsward flag.svg
Flag of Boornsterhem.jpg Flag of Boarnsterhim.svg
Vlagdokkum.png Flag of Dokkum.svg
Ferwerderadeel flag.png Flag of Ferwerderadiel.svg
VlagFranekeradeel.jpg Franekeradeel flag.svg
Flag of Gaasterlân-Sleat.jpg Gaasterlan-Sleat flag.svg
Flag of Harlingen.png Harlingen flag.svg
Flag of Heerenveen.jpg Heerenveen flag.svg
VlagKollumerzwaag.gif VlagKollumerzwaag.svg
VlagLeeuwarderadeel.jpg Flag of Leeuwarderadeel.svg
Lemsterland flag outline.png Flag of Lemsterland.svg
Flag of Littenseradiel.jpg Littenseradiel flag.svg
Flag of Menaldumadeel.jpg Menaldumadeel flag.svg
Flag of Nijefurd.jpg Nijefurd flag.svg
Flag of Ooststellingwerf.jpg Ooststellingwerf flag.svg
Opsterland flag outline.png Flag of Opsterland.svg
Opsterland flag.png Flag of Opsterland.svg
Aldtsjerk flag.png Aldtsjerk flag.svg
Flag of Skarsterlan.gif Skarsterlan flag.svg
VlagSkarsterlan.jpg Skarsterlan flag.svg
Flag of Smallingerland.jpg Smallingerland flag.svg
Sneek flag.png Flag of Sneek.svg
Vlag Sudwest Fryslan.png Súdwest Fryslân vlag.svg
Flag of the Terschelling Island.svg Flag of Terschelling.svg
Terschelling flag.svg Flag of Terschelling.svg
Flag of Tytsjerksteradiel.jpg Tytsjerksteradiel flag.svg
VlagWorkum.gif Flag of Workum.svg
VlagVlieland.jpg Flag of Vlieland.svg
Vlieland flag 450 outline.jpg Flag of Vlieland.svg
Flag of Weststellingwerf.jpg Weststellingwerf flag.svg
Wonseradeel flag outline.png Flag of Wonseradeel.svg
Flag of Wymbritseradiel.jpg Wymbritseradiel flag.svg
Flag of Ammerzoden.png Ammerzoden vlag.svg
VlagApeldoorn.png Apeldoorn vlag.svg
VlagArnhem.gif VlagArnhem.svg
Vlag Barneveld.png Barneveld vlag.svg
Flag of Berkelland.png Flag of Berkelland.svg
Beuningen flag.png Beuningen flag.svg
Vlagbrakel.gif Brakel vlag.svg
Flag bredevoort.png Flag Bredevoort.svg
Flag of Brummen.png Brummen vlag.svg
Buren flag outline.png Flag of Buren.svg
Culemborg flag 450.png Culemborg flag.svg
Doesburg flag outline.png Flag of Doesburg.svg
Doetinchem flag outline.png Flag of Doetinchem.svg
Flag of Druten.png Druten vlag.svg
Duiven flag outline.png Flag of Duiven.svg
Vlag van Ede.png Flag of Ede.svg
Vlag van Elst.gif Flag of Elst, Gelderland.svg
Flag of Ermelo.jpg Ermelo vlag.svg
Flag of Ewijk.gif Ewijk vlag.svg
Flag of Elburg.gif Elburg vlag.svg
Flag of Epe.png Flag of Epe.svg
Flag of Hattem.png Hattem vlag.svg
Flag of Neerijnen.png Neerijnen vlag.svg
Flag of Nijkerk.png Nijkerk vlag.svg
Flag of Nunspeet.png Nunspeet vlag.svg
Flag of Oost Gelre (purple).gif Oost Gelre vlag.svg
Flag of Oost Gelre (red).gif Oost Gelre vlag oranje.svg
Geldermalsen flag.png Flag of Geldermalsen.svg
Groenlo vlag.png Groenlo vlag.svg
Harderwijk flag.png Flag of Harderwijk.svg
Vlagdorphedel.gif Vlagdorphedel.svg
Heerde flag.png Flag of Heerde.svg
Flag of Heumen.png Heumen vlag.svg
Flag of Kerkdriel.png Flag of Kerkdriel, Gelderland, Netherlands.svg
Lichtenvoorde flag.gif Lichtenvoorde vlag.svg
Flag lingewaard.png Flag of Lingewaard.svg
Lochem flag.png Flag of Lochem.svg
Maasdriel flag outline.png Maasdriel Netherlands.svg
Millingen aan de Rijn flag outline.png Flag of Millingen aan de Rijn.svg
Flag Neder Betuwe.png Neder-Betuwe vlag.svg
Nijmegen flag 450.png Flag of Nijmegen.svg
Flag Oude IJsselstreek.png Oude IJsselstreek vlag.svg
Gemeentevlag overbetuwe.png Flag of Overbetuwe.svg
Putten flag.png Putten vlag.svg
Renkum flag outline.png Flag of Renkum.svg
Rheden flag.png Flag of Rheden.svg
Rijnwaarden flag outline.png Flag of Rijnwaarden.svg
Flag of Oldebroek.png Oldebroek vlag.svg
Flag of Rozendaal.png Rozendaal vlag.svg
Tiel flag 450.png Flag of Tiel.svg
Ubbergen flag.png Flag of Ubbergen.svg
Vlag Lingewaal.gif Lingewaal vlag.svg
Voorst flag.png Flag of Voorst.svg
Wageningen vlag.gif Wageningen vlag.svg
Wehlvlag.gif Wehlvlag.svg
West-Maas-en-Waal vlag.png West Maas en Waal-vlag.svg
Vlag van Wijchen.gif Flag of Wijchen.svg
Winterswijk flag outline.png Flag of Winterswijk.svg
Flag of Zaltbommel.jpg Zaltbommel vlag.svg
Flag of Zevenaar.gif Zevenaar Netherlands.svg
Zutphen flag outline.png Flag of Zutphen.svg
Appingedam flag.png Flag of Appingedam.svg
Bedum flag outline.png Flag of Bedum.svg
BellingweddeVlag.png Bellingwedde vlag.svg
Delfzijl flag.png Flag of Delfzijl.svg
Groningen city flag outline.png Flag of Groningen City.svg
Grootegast flag outline.png Flag of Grootegast.svg
VlagHaren.gif Haren vlag.svg
VlagHoogezandSappemeer.gif Hoogezand-Sappemeer vlag.svg
Kielvlag.jpg Flag of Kiel-Windeweer.svg
Leek flag outline.png Flag of Leek.svg
Vlag van Loppersum.gif Loppersum vlag.svg
Vlag de Marne.jpg De Marne vlag.svg
VlagMarum.gif Marum Netherlands.svg
VlagMenterwolde.jpg Menterwolde Netherlands.svg
Pekela vlag.png Pekela vlag.svg
Reiderland.png Flag of Reiderland.svg
Scheemdavlag.PNG Flag of Scheemda.svg
Slochteren.gif Slochteren vlag.svg
Stadskanaal flag.png Flag of Stadskanaal.svg
Ten-Boer vlag.png Flag of Ten Boer.svg
Veendam vlag.png Veendam vlag.svg
Vlagtwedde vlag.png Vlagtwedde vlag.svg
WINSCHOTENFLAG.JPG Flag of Winschoten.svg
VlagWinsum.gif VlagWinsum.svg
Ambt Montfort flag outline.png Ambt Montfoort flag outline.svg
Beek flag outline.png Flag of Beek (Limburg).svg
Flag of Beesel.png Beesel vlag.svg
Bergen limburg flag.png Bergen limburg flag.svg
Vlagbroekhuizen.gif Vlagbroekhuizen.svg
Flag of Brunssum.gif Brunssum vlag.svg
Echt Susteren flag.png Flag of Echt-Susteren.svg
Vlag Geleen.gif Flag of Geleen.svg
Gulpen-Wittem flag.png Gulpen-Wittem flag.svg
Flag of Heerlen.png Heerlen vlag.svg
Helden flag.png Flag of Helden.svg
Horstadmaas flag.png Horst aan de Maas vlag.svg
Flag of Kerkrade outlined.svg Flag of Kerkrade.svg
Kerkrade flag 450 outline.png Flag of Kerkrade.svg
Flag of Landgraaf.png Flag of Landgraaf.svg
Flag-leudal.png Leudal vlag.svg
Maasbree flag.png Flag of Maasbree.svg
Maasgouw vlag.jpg Maasgouw vlag.svg
Meerlo Wanssum flag outline.png Flag of Meerlo Wanssum.svg
Flag of Meerssen.png Meerssen vlag.svg
Meijel flag.png Flag of Meijel.svg
Flag of Mook en Middelaar.png Mook en Middelaar vlag.svg
Nederweert flag outline.png Nederweert flag.svg
Flag of Nuth.png Nuth vlag.svg
Flag-onderbanken.png Onderbanken vlag.svg
Vlag ottersum.png Ottersum vlag.svg
Roerdalen flag outline.png Flag of Roerdalen.svg
Roermond flag 450 outline.jpg Flag of Roermond until 2010.svg
Roermond flag 450 outline.png Flag of Roermond until 2010.svg
Roermond flag 450.jpg Flag of Roermond until 2010.svg
Schinnen vlag.png Schinnen vlag.svg
Flag of Simpelveld.png Simpelveld vlag.svg
Flag of Sittard.GIF Sittard-Geleen Netherlands.svg
Sittard flag.png Sittard-Geleen Netherlands.svg
Stein flag.png Flag of Stein.svg
Swalmen flag 450.png Flag of Swalmen.svg
Gemeentevlag Vaals.jpg Vaals vlag.svg
Vaals vlag.png Vaals vlag.svg
Valkenburg ad geul flag.png Flag of Valkenburg aan de Geul.svg
Flag of Venlo.png Flag of Venlo, Netherlands (until 2010).svg
Venray flag.png Venray vlag.svg
Flag of Voerendaal.gif Voerendaal vlag.svg
Flag of Weert.jpg Flag of Weert.svg
Flag of Aalburg.png Flag of Aalburg.svg
Flag of Alphen-Chaam.png Alphen-Chaam vlag.svg
Asten flag outline.png Flag of Asten.svg
Baarle-Nassau flag.png Image:Baarle-Nassau flag.svg
Flag of Bergeijk.png Bergeijk Netherlands.svg
Flag of Bergen op Zoom.png Bergen op Zoom vlag.svg
Flag of Bernheze.png Flag of Bernheze.svg
Flag of Best, North Brabant.gif Flag of Best North Brabant.svg
Flag of Bladel.png File:Flag of Bladel.svg
Boekel flag.png Flag of Boekel.svg
Flag of Boxmeer.gif Boxmeer vlag.svg
Flag of Boxtel.gif Boxtel vlag.svg
Flag of Cranendonck.jpg Cranendonck vlag.svg
Vlagcromvoirt.jpg Vlagcromvoirt.svg
Cuijk vlag.png Flag of Cuijk.svg
Deurne vlag.png Deurne vlag.svg
Dongen flag outline.png Dongen Netherlands.svg
Drimmelen vlag.png Drimmelen vlag.svg
Vlag Drunen.gif Vlag Drunen.svg
FlagEersel.gif Eersel vlag.svg
VlagEersel.gif Eersel vlag.svg
Eindhoven flag outline.png Flag of Eindhoven.svg
Flag of Engelen 1960.png Flag of Engelen.svg
Etten-Leur vlag.png Etten-Leur vlag.svg
Geertruidenberg vlag.png Geertruidenberg vlag.svg
Geldrop-Mierlo vlag.png Geldrop-Mierlo vlag.svg
Gemert-Bakel vlag.png Gemert-Bakel vlag.svg
Flag of Gilze en Rijen.png Gilze en Rijen vlag.svg
Flag of Goirle.png Goirle vlag.svg
Grave vlag.png Grave vlag.svg
Vlaghaarennb.gif Haaren vlag.svg
Flag of Halderberge.png Halderberge vlag.svg
Flag of Heeze-Leende.png Heeze-Leende vlag.svg
Helmond vlag.png Helmond vlag.svg
Flag of Hertogenbosch.png Flag of 's-Hertogenbosch.svg
Flag of Hilvarenbeek.png Hilvarenbeek vlag.svg
Laarbeek flag outline.png Flag of Laarbeek.svg
Loon op zand outline.png Flag of Loon op Zand.svg
Mill-en-Sint-Hubert vlag.png Mill en Sint Hubert vlag.svg
Moerdijk flag.png Flag of Moerdijk.svg
Nuenen flag outline.png Flag of Nuenen.svg
Flag of Oirschot.png Oirschot vlag.svg
Oisterwijk flag outline.png Flag of Oisterwijk.svg
Oss flag outline.png Flag of Oss.svg
Reusel-De-Mierden Flag.png Reusel-De Mierden vlag.svg
Flag of Roosendaal.png Roosendaal vlag.svg
Rucphen flag.png Flag of Rucphen.svg
Schijndelse valg.gif Schijndel Netherlands.svg
St michielsgestel flag outline.png Flag of Sint-Michielsgestel.svg
Sint-Oedenrode vlag.png Sint-Oedenrode vlag.svg
Flag of Someren.gif Someren vlag.svg
Flag of Son en Breugel.png File:Flag of Son en Breugel.svg
Steenbergen flag outline.png Flag of Steenbergen.svg
Vlag SteenbergenNB.png Vlag SteenbergenNB.svg
Uden vlag millennium.png Flag of Uden.svg
Uden.png Flag of Uden.svg
Valkenswaard flag.png Flag of Valkenswaard.svg
Veghelvlag.png Flag of Veghel.svg
Vlagveghel.gif Flag of Veghel.svg
Flag of Veldhoven.jpg Veldhoven vlag.svg
Vught flag.png Flag of Vught (unofficial) pre 2010.svg
Vught vlag.png Flag of Vught (unofficial) pre 2010 horizontal.svg
Flag of Waalre.gif Waalre vlag.svg
Waalwijk vlag.png Waalwijk vlag.svg
Flag of Werkendam.jpg Werkendam vlag.svg
Woensdrecht flag.png Flag of Woensdrecht.svg
Flag of Woudrichem.png Woudrichem vlag.svg
Flag of Zundert.png Zundert vlag.svg
Alkmaar flag.png Alkmaar Flag.svg
Alkmaar flag.svg Alkmaar Flag.svg
Amstelveen flag.png Amstelveen flag.svg
Andijk flag.png Andijk flag.svg
Anna-Paulowna vlag.png Anna Paulowna vlag.svg
Baarn flag.png Baarn flag.svg
Beemster flag.png Beemster flag.svg
Bennebroek flag.png Bennebroek flag.svg
Flag of Beverwijk.gif Flag of Beverwijk.svg
Blaricum vlag.png Blaricum vlag.svg
Bloemendaal flag outline.png Flag of Bloemendaal.svg
Bussum vlag.png Bussum Netherlands.svg
Castricum vlag.png Castricum vlag.svg
VlagGemeenteDiemenOfficieel.JPG Flag of Diemen (municipality).svg
Flag of Diemen (old version).png Flag of Diemen (old version).svg
Drechterland vlag.png Drechterland vlag.svg
Edam-volendam flag.png Flag of Edam-Volendam.svg
Enkhuizen vlag.png Enkhuizen vlag.svg
Graft-De-Rijp vlag.png Graft-De Rijp vlag.svg
Haarlemvlag.gif Flag Haarlem.svg
Haarlemmermeer vlag.png Haarlemmermeer vlag.svg
Haarlemmerliede vlag.png Haarlemmerliede vlag.svg
Harenkarspel flag.png Flag of Harenskarpel.svg
Vheemskerk.gif Heemskerk vlag.svg
Heemstede flag.png Flag of Heemstede.svg
Heerhugowaard flag outline.png Flag of Heerhugowaard.svg
Heiloo vlag.png Heiloo vlag.svg
Den-Helder vlag.png Flag of Den Helder.svg
Hilversum vlag.png Hilversum vlag.svg
Hoorn flag outline.png Flag of Hoorn.svg
Huizen vlag.png Huizen vlag.svg
Landsmeer vlag.png Landsmeer vlag.svg
Langedijk vlag.png Langedijk vlag.svg
Laren (Noord-Holland) vlag.png Flag of Laren, North Holland.svg
Medemblik vlag.png Flag of Medemblik.svg
Muiden flag outline.png Flag of Muiden.svg
Flag Naarden.png Naarden vlag.svg
Noorder-Koggenland flag.png Flag of Noorder-Koggenland.svg
Obdam vlag.png Flag of Obdam.svg
Flag of Oostzaan.gif Oostzaan vlag.svg
Opmeer vlag.png Opmeer vlag.svg
Ouder-Amstel flag.png Ouder-Amstel flag.svg
Purmerend flag.png Flag of Purmerend.svg
Schagen flag.png Flag of Schagen.svg
Flag of Schermer.png Schermer vlag.svg
Stede-Broec vlag.png Stede-Broec vlag.svg
Texel flag.png Texel flag.svg
Uitgeest vlag.png Uitgeest vlag.svg
Flag of Uithoorn.png Uithoorn vlag.svg
Velsen vlag.png Velsen vlag.svg
Waterland vlag.png Waterland vlag.svg
Weesp vlag.png Weesp Netherlands.svg
Wervershoof flag outline.png Flag of Wervershoof.svg
Wieringen vlag.png Wieringen vlag.svg
Wieringermeer vlag.png Wieringermeer vlag.svg
Wijdemeren vlag.png Wijdemeren vlag.svg
Wormerland vlag.png Flag of Wormerland.svg
Flag of Zaanstad,Netherlands.png Flag of Zaanstad.svg
Zandvoort flag.png Flag of Zandvoort.svg
Zeevang flag outline.png Zeevang Netherlands.svg
Zijpe vlag.png Zijpe vlag.svg
Almelo flag outline.png Almelo flag outline.svg
Vlag avereest.PNG Flag of Avereest, Netherlands.svg
Borne flag.png Flag of Borne (Overijssel).svg
Dalfsen flag outline.png Flag of Dalfsen.svg
Flag of Stad Delden.jpg Flag of Stad Delden.svg
VLAG DEN HAM.JPG Den Ham vlag.svg
Flag of Deventer.gif Deventer vlag.svg
VLAG DIEPENHEIM.JPG Flag of Diepenheim, Netherlands.svg
VLAG DIEPENVEEN.JPG Flag of Diepenveen, Netherlands.svg
Gemeentevlag Dinkelland.png Dinkelland vlag.svg
Flag enschede.gif Flag of Enschede.svg
Flag enschede2.gif Flag of Enschede.svg
Haaksbergen flag.png Flag of Haaksbergen.svg
Vlag Hasselt.gif Hasselt vlag.svg
Flag of Hellendoorn.PNG Hellendoorn vlag.svg
Hengelo ov flag.png Hengelo Netherlands.svg
Kampen flag outline.png Flag of Kampen.svg
Flag of Losser.gif Flag of Losser.svg
Markelo.png Flag of Markelo, Netherlands.svg
Oldenzaal flag outline.png Flag of Oldenzaal.svg
Flag of Olst-Wijhe.jpg Olst wije vlag.svg
Ommen flag outline.png Flag of Ommen.svg
Flag of Raalte.png Raalte vlag.svg
Flag of Staphorst.png Staphorst vlag.svg
Flag of Tubbergen.png Tubbergen vlag.svg
VlagTwenterand.gif Flag of Twenterand.svg
VLAG VRIEZENVEEN.JPG Flag of Vriezenveen.png
Flag of Wierden.gif Wierden vlag.svg
Zwartewaterland flag outline.png Flag of Zwartewaterland.svg
Flag Zwollerkerspel.GIF Flag of Zwollerkerspel, Netherlands.svg
Flag of Alblasserdam.gif Alblasserdam vlag.svg
Albrandswaard flag.png Albrandswaard flag.svg
Flag of Alphen aan den Rijn.png Alphen aan den Rijn flag outline.svg
Flag of Barendrecht.gif Barendrecht vlag.svg
Vlag Benthuizen.gif Flag of Benthuizen.svg
Flag of Bergambacht.png Bergambacht vlag.svg
Bergschenhoek flag outline.png Flag of Bergschenhoek.svg
FlagBerkelenRodenrijs.gif Flag of Berkel en Rodenrijs.svg
Flag of Bernisse.png Flag of Bernisse.svg
Flag of Binnenmaas.png Binnenmaas vlag.svg
Bleiswijk flag outline.png Flag of Bleiswijk.svg
Bodegraven flag.png Bodegraven flag.svg
Boskoop flag outline.png Flag of Boskoop.svg
Flag of Boskoop.png Flag of Boskoop.svg
Brielle flag outline.png Flag of Brielle.svg
Flag of Capelle aan den IJssel.gif Capelle aan den IJssel vlag.svg
Delft flag outline.png Flag of Delft.svg
Flag of Delft.png Flag of Delft.svg
Gemeentevlag Dirksland.gif Dirksland vlag.svg
Dordrecht flag outline.png Flag of Dordrecht.svg
Giessenlanden vlag.gif Giessenlanden vlag.svg
Gemeentevlag Goedereede.gif Goedereede vlag.svg
Gorinchem flag outline.png Flag of Gorinchem.svg
Flag of Gouda.png Flag of Gouda.svg
Graafstroom flag.png Graafstroom flag.svg
FlagTheHague.jpg Flag of The Hague.svg
Hardinxveldgiessendam flag.gif Hardinxveldgiessendam flag.svg
Flag Hellevoetsluis.png Flag of Hellevoetsluis.svg
Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht flag.png Flag of Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht.svg
Flag hillegom.gif Flag of Hillegom.svg
Flag kaag en braassem.png Vlag van Kaag en Braassem.svg
Flag of Katwijk.gif Katwijk vlag.svg
Katwijk flag outline.png Flag of Katwijk.svg
Katwijk flag.png Katwijk vlag.svg
Korendijk flag outline.png Flag of Korendijk.svg
Vlag krimpen aan den ijssel.gif Krimpen aan den Ijssel vlag.svg
Flag of Lansingerland.png Flag Lansingerland.svg
Leerdam flag.png Leerdam flag.svg
Flag Leiden.gif Flag of Leiden.svg
Leiderdorp flag.gif Leiderdorp vlag.svg
Vlag van leidschendam-voorburg.gif Leidschendam-Voorburg vlag.svg
Lisse flag.png Flag of Lisse.svg
Maassluis flag outline.png Maassluis flag.svg
Gemeentevlag Middelharnis.gif Middelharnis vlag.svg
Vlag md.jpg Midden Delfland vlag.svg
Flag of Moordrecht.png Flag of Moordrecht.svg
Nieuw-Lekkerland flag.png Flag of Nieuw-Lekkerland.svg
Noordwijk vlag.gif Noordwijk vlag.svg
Noordwijkerhout vlag.gif Noordwijkerhout vlag.svg
Oegstgeest flag.png Oegstgeest Netherlands.svg
Vlag Oostvoorne.png Flag of Oostvoorne.svg
Oud-Beijerland flag.png Flag of Oud-Beijerland.svg
Ouderkerk flag.jpg Ouderkerk Netherlands.svg
Papendrecht flag.png Flag of Papendrecht.svg
Vlag pijnackernootdorp.gif Pijnacker-Nootdorp vlag.svg
Reeuwijk flag outline.png Flag of Reeuwijk.svg
Vlag Ridderkerk.png Ridderkerk Netherlands.svg
Rijnwoude vlag.gif Rijnwoude vlag.svg
Rijswijk zh flag.png Flag of Rijswijk.svg
Flag Rotterdam.png Flag of Rotterdam.svg
Sassenheim flag.png Flag of Sassenheim.svg
Schiedam flag.png Flag of Schiedam.svg
Schoonhoven vlag.jpg Schoonhoven vlag.svg
Flag of Sliedrecht.png Sliedrecht Netherlands.svg
Spijkenisse flag outline.png Flag of Spijkenisse.svg
Strijen flag.png Flag of Strijen.svg
Flag of Ter Aar.png Flag of Ter Aar.svg
Ter aar flag.png Flag of Ter Aar.svg
Valkenburg zh flag.png Flag of Valkenburg.svg
Vlaardingen flag 300.jpg Flag of Vlaardingen.svg
Vlaardingen flag.png Flag of Vlaardingen.svg
Flag of Vlist.jpg Vlist vlag.svg
Vlist flag.gif Vlist vlag.svg
Voorhout flag outline.png Flag of Voorhout.svg
Voorschotenvlag.jpg Flag of Voorschoten.svg
Vlag waddinxveen.gif Vlag waddinxveen.svg
Warmond flag outline.png Flag of Warmond.svg
Wassenaar flag.gif Wassenaar flag.svg
Westland municipality flag.png Westland municipality flag.svg
Westvoorne flag outline.png Flag of Westvoorne.svg
Flag of Zederik.png Zederik vlag.svg
Vlagzoetermeer.jpg Zoetermeer vlag.svg
Zoeterwoudevlag.gif Flag of Zoeterwoude.svg
Flag zuidplas.png Zuidplas flag.svg
Zwijndrecht flag.png Zwijndrecht vlag.svg
Amersfoort flag outline.png Amersfoort flag outline.svg
Vlag de Bilt.jpg Vlag de Bilt.svg
Breukelen flag.png Flag of Breukelen.svg
Flag of Bunnik.jpg Flag of Bunnik.svg
Flag of Bunschoten.gif Bunschoten vlag.svg
Vlag Doorn.jpg Flag of Doorn, Netherlands.svg
Vlag Eemnes.jpg Eemnes vlag.svg
Houten flag.png Flag of Houten.svg
IJsselstein flag.png Flag of IJsselstein.svg
Leersum flag.png Flag of Leersum.svg
Leusden flag.png Flag of Leusden.svg
Nederland Montfoort Linschoten Vlag.gif Flag of Linschoten.svg
Flag of Lopik.jpg Lopik vlag.svg
Flag of Montfoort.jpg Montfoort vlag.svg
Nieuwegein flag.png Nieuwegein flag.svg
Renswoude flag outline.png Flag of Renswoude.svg
Rhenen flag outline.png Flag of Rhenen.svg
Flag of de Ronde Venen.jpg De ronde venen vlag.svg
Soest flag.png Soest flag.svg
Flag utrecht city.gif Flag of Utrecht.svg
Veenendaal flag.png Veenendaal Netherlands.svg
Flag of Vianen.jpg Vianen vlag.svg
Vlag van Wijk bij Duurstede.gif Vlag van Wijk bij Duurstede.svg
Vlag Woerden.jpg Woerden flag.svg
Woudenberg flag.png Flag of Woudenberg.svg
Zeist flag.png Flag of Zeist.svg
Flag of Borsele.png Flag of Borsele.svg
Goes flag outline.png Flag of Goes.svg
Flag of Hulst.gif Hulst vlag.svg
Flag of Hulst.jpg Hulst vlag.svg
Kapelle flag outline.png Flag of Kapelle.svg
Flag of Kortgene.jpg Flag of Kortgene SVG.svg
Flag middelburg.gif Middelburg vlag.svg
Vlag van Noord-Beveland.gif Noord-Beveland vlag.svg
Reimerswaal flag.png Flag of Reimerswaal.svg
Vlagschouwenduiveland.jpg Schouwen-Duiveland vlag.svg
Flag of Sluis.gif Sluis vlag.svg
Flag of Terneuzen.png Terneuzen vlag.svg
Tholen flag.png Flag of Tholen.svg
Flag of Vlissingen.gif Vlissingen vlag.svg
Flag of Wissenkerke.jpg Wissenkerke vlag.svg

Robin0van0der0vliet (talk) 17:23, 13 November 2014 (UTC)

For this task, the bot needs to be flagged globally. But this task is not in the scope of global bots. Only CommonsDelinker have flags on a lot of wikis with a task description of "replacing images", but it does not allow gif/jpg/png => svg. I doubt having a bot do this task does anything better than GlobalReplace. --Zhuyifei1999 (talk) 05:23, 14 November 2014 (UTC)
If the source was available, at least one could modify it to do this semi-automatic. --McZusatz (talk) 06:00, 14 November 2014 (UTC)
Is there a global consensus of some sort that changes to svg formats are always better everywhere? Randomly checking File:Flag of Tholen.svg against File:Tholen flag.png shows that the svg currently appears washed out in colour compared to the png file and the png has a black border which does not exist on the svg. I would have expected the minimum requirement would be for the flags to appear identical before swapping; without this as a guarantee, some changes may be contentious (especially considering the long history on Commons of folks arguing and reverting each other over flag designs). -- (talk) 08:31, 14 November 2014 (UTC)
The svg version of the flag of Tholen is better then the png version, since the colors are more accurate the Vexilla Mundi source. If you check the history of the SVG file you see that it also first had those colors. I also generated this list based on the templates on the non-svg versions which indicate that there is a better version. Robin0van0der0vliet (talk) 11:54, 14 November 2014 (UTC)
If the color is the only concern, I support the use of the SVG version because changing the color or uploading a differently colored SVG version is the "cleaner" way compared to keep using the PNG file only based on the color differences. However, if the flag is open for interpretation in regards to shape or realizing object details (e.g. File:Flag of Staphorst.png), a global replace should be handled with caution. --McZusatz (talk) 20:50, 14 November 2014 (UTC)

Remove category based on metadataEdit

I've had a Canon Powershot camera for several years, and a significant majority of my uploads were taken with it. Some time ago, someone went around adding Category:Taken with Canon PowerShot A540 to all of my own-work photo uploads; it's a great idea, but there are occasionally problems, e.g. File:Eastvale Reformed Presbyterian Church.jpg, which I took with a previous camera of a different model. I'd appreciate it if someone could have a bot perform the following routine:

  • Load all files in the relevant categories (see below), one at a time of course
  • See if the file is also in Taken with Canon PowerShot A540; if not, ignore and go to the next photo
  • If it is in that category, check the contents of the "Camera model" field in the metadata
  • If the field contains Canon PowerShot A540, do nothing and go to the next image
  • If the field doesn't contain Canon PowerShot A540 (either it's blank or it has something else), remove the Taken with category and go to the next image

The categories in question are Category:Aerial pictures by User:Nyttend, Category:Building-centered pictures by User:Nyttend, Category:Community pictures by User:Nyttend, Category:Highway pictures by User:Nyttend, Category:Miscellaneous images by User:Nyttend, Category:Portraits by User:Nyttend, Category:Scenery pictures by User:Nyttend, and Category:Signs by User:Nyttend. Thanks for the help! Nyttend (talk) 00:18, 15 November 2014 (UTC)

heading= → heading:Edit

I noticed that I used "heading=" instead of "heading:" (the equal sign instead of the colon) in {{location}} template by mistake many times. This wrong format is non-functioning. As we can see, that's not only my problem. There are hundreds files (1367 pages found) which contain {{location}} or {{location dec}} with faulty format of heading parameter. Could somebody correct it by a bot? (P.S., some other occurences concern the {{Depicted place}} template which doesn't support heading parameter at all yet.) --ŠJů (talk) 00:56, 19 November 2014 (UTC)

Also other atributes of this template (region:, scale:, dim:), missing underscore character between parameters etc. can be checked. --ŠJů (talk) 00:56, 19 November 2014 (UTC)

Inserting language templatesEdit

Could a bot owner please apply such changes to Special:ListFiles/NEUROtiker? --Leyo 22:40, 24 November 2014 (UTC)