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Europeana logo Europeana is Europe’s digital library, museum and archive. gives access to over 27 million objects. The Europeana project aggregates metadata records from over 2000 European GLAMs and making those records available on the Europeana portal and through the Europeana Search API. All Europeana meta data is licenced CC0. See also the Europeana coordination page on Meta.


During 2013 Europeana will run a pilot project to batch upload open content to Wikimedia Commons: the GLAM Wiki Toolset project. The purpose of the pilot project is to investigate the possible role, organisationally and technically, Europeana can play in facilitating uploads of open content to Wikimedia Commons.

Batch uploads will be made by using the Europeana Search API and links to the original media files to batch upload selected collections. Metadata for the objects are fetched from the Europeana repository and the original media files directly from the Europeana content provider. As metadata is fetched from Europeana they conform to one metadata schema.

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