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Commons:Project scope/Allowable file types

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Currently the following formats are allowed:

  • Images: SVG (for vector graphics), PNG (lossless format), JPEG (for photographs), GIF ("semi"-lossless format, but PNG is preferred), TIFF (lossless format, but PNG is preferred), XCF (allows layers and text).
  • Audio: Ogg-container (using FLAC, Speex, Opus or Vorbis codecs with file extension .oga), MIDI, WAV (16-bit PCM format and 32-bit IEEE uncompressed format) or FLAC (.flac).
  • Video: WebM using the VP8 video codec with Vorbis for the sound, or Ogg using the Theora video codec. New software supports file extension .ogv for Theora video without or with Vorbis audio, RFC 3534 .ogg is still usable instead of RFC 5334 .ogx for Theora video with other Ogg audio codecs - Help:Converting video.
  • Multipage documents (books, journals, magazines, etc.): PDF and DjVu.

Currently disabledEdit

While SXW, SWC, SXD, and SXI ( 1.x), as well as ODT, ODS, ODG, and ODP (OpenDocument) are theoretically permissible under the similar provisions to Commons:Scope#PDF_and_DjVu_formats these formats are currently disabled because we are currently unable to prevent people from hiding harmful or otherwise impermissible content inside OpenOffice's ZIP based container format.

For a longer list of unsupported file types, see Commons:File_types#Unsupported_file_types.

See alsoEdit

For a discussion and guidance on the preferred formats and file sizes, see Commons:File types.