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The Smithsonian Institution comprises of ~20 different museums and galleries, mostly in Washington, D.C., but also some in New York City and elsewhere.


Uploads are done using User:AudeBot. It's a bot now (pywikipedia), but might be an import using a server side maintenance script later.


All the images from the Smithsonian need to be categorized. The images need to be moved from the temporary categories to one or more topic categories so they become part of our collection and users are able to find them.

Two strategies are possible to get these images categorized. The first one is probably best to do bulk categorization at the start. The second one is good later to get everything cleaned up.

Categorize by categoryEdit

  1. Pick an interesting looking category from the temporary category lists
  2. Take a quick look if all the images are about the same topic
  3. Move all the images to the topic category.
    • Use your own bot to move the images (for example pywikipedia, -from:<temp category name> -to:<topic category name>)
    • Use CommonsDelinker to move the images. Add {{Move cat|Temporary category name|Topic category name}} to here (admins) or here (other users)
    • Add {{Move|Real category name}} to the temporary category so someone with a bot can take care of it

Categorize by imageEdit

  1. Enable hotcat (preferences → gadgets → Tools for categories → Hotcat), you need it
  2. Replace all temporary categories by topic categories
    • Not every temporary category has to be replaced by a topic category. If a temporary category is not useful, just remove it.

Categorize with searchEdit

  1. Enable Cat-a-lot