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Spread the sign is an international dictionary with films of sign language in several languages.

Usage of STS videos, or with more detail "Media contributed from Spread the sign" here.


To get more usage of the films and better coverage and understanding for the sign language community Spread the sign has decided to make the films available under free licenses.

Use in other projectsEdit

Fill in here the use in various projects and languages to serve as inspiration to others. Both ideas, ongoing discussions and results are welcome here.

  • On sv-wiktionary: We intend to treat all sign languages (SLs) as their own languages and have entries for them just like we do for written languages, with the difference that instead of textual content we show videos. Because we don't have any SL speakers (and certainly never will for all SLs) we will place the entries on the same page as the word in the corresponding written language (Swedish for the Swedish SL, English for both the British and the American SLs). See also an example entry and discussion.
  • On pl-wiktionary we have Polish Sign Language as a translation from Polish, written using SignWriting system (example). If there were any sign langugage videos available on commons, we could show them in the same way. Olaf (talk) 21:46, 4 October 2013 (UTC)
  • ...

The filmsEdit

All uploads go into Category:Media contributed by Spread the sign or into at least one subcategory.

Error reportsEdit

Technical problems resulting from the way we receive the metadata can be reported at the talk page.

Factual errors in the video descriptions or other metadata can be reported at Commons:STS/Error reports.

To doEdit

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