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Alternative names B.J. Lundbergh

Swedish photographer and undertaker

Svenska: Lärde sig fotografyrket på Kuba och var verksam i Boston och Havanna under några år. Främst artister och bohemer besökte hans atelje på Urvädersgränd 4. Blev senare begravningsentreprenör. [1]
Date of birth
Work period 1859-1871
Work location Stockholm, Sweden
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Creator page template, created by filling parameters of {{Creator}}, is intended for author/artist field of {{Information}}, {{Artwork}} and {{Book}} templates

The template automatically sets the following categories: Category:Creator template maintenance; Category:Bad use of creator template - option


{{Creator:Jacob Lundbergh}}

for parameters see: {{Creator}}

Template parameters

Parameter Description Default Status
1 template parameter:
  • workshop of
  • circle of
  • school of
  • or follower
  • or workshop
  • and workshop
  • attributed to
  • after
  • formerly attributed to
  • follower of
  • manner of
  • namepiece, name-piece, name piece
  • near
  • possibly
  • probably
will add those phrases to the author's name in current language.
empty optional

Additional information

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