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Gallery of triband flags

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This is a gallery of triband flags showing horizontal, vertical, and diagonal tricolour and bicolour tribands.

Vertical tribandEdit

Vertical tricolourEdit

Charged vertical tricolourEdit

Vertical bicolour tribandEdit

Charged vertical bicolour tribandEdit

Charged fimbriated vertical bicolour tribandEdit

Horizontal tribandEdit

Horizontal tricolourEdit

Charged horizontal tricolourEdit

Fimbriated horizontal tricolourEdit

Charged fimbriated horizontal tricolourEdit

Horizontal bicolour tribandEdit

Charged horizontal bicolour tribandEdit

Fimbriated horizontal bicolour tribandEdit

Charged fimbriated horizontal bicolour tribandEdit

Diagonal tribandEdit

Diagonal tricolourEdit

Charged diagonal tricolourEdit

Fimbriated diagonal tricolourEdit

Charged fimbriated diagonal tricolourEdit

Diagonal bicolour tribandEdit

Charged diagonal bicolour tribandEdit

Fimbriated diagonal bicolour tribandEdit

Charged fimbriated diagonal bicolour tribandEdit

Horizontal and vertical barsEdit


Charged tribarEdit


Charged PolybarEdit

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