Pipe Organs of Temple Square

Temple Square has had Pipe Organs almost from the beginning. Organs that currently do not exist have ended up in other organs (some which have been demolished) with about half of those old organ pipes still somewhere on Temple Square. Some of the pipes were put into storage and some were put into another organ. This page is dedicated to those pipe organs.

Salt Lake Tabernacle organEdit

Main gallery: Salt Lake Tabernacle organ.

This organ was built first by Australian native Joseph Ridges in 1867 as the building went up around him. The organ as seen here is the product of 1948 rebuilding and expansion by famed organ builder G. Donald Harrison of the Æolian-Skinner Organ Company, which by many is called Harrison's masterpiece. The organ has 206r, 130s, 11623p.

Salt Lake Assembly HallEdit

There are four organs that are in this building, three of which are used for practicing.

Assembly Hall Concert organEdit

This organ was built by Robert L. Sipe and Co. It has 3m, 65r, and 3,489p. The organ speaks in a German "accent." Click here for the specification.

Southwest Practice Studio organEdit

This organ was built by the Austin Organ Company of Hartford, Connecticut. It has 3m, 12r, 727p.

Southeast Practice Studio organEdit

This organ was built by the Kenneth Coulter Organ Company of Eugene, Oregon. It has 3m, 7r, 410p.

Northeast Practice Studio organEdit

This organ was built by the Casavant Frères organ company of Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec. It has 2m, 7r, 452p.

LDS Conference Center organEdit

Main category: Conference Center organ

This organ was built by Schoenstein & Co. of San Fransisco, California with 5m, 130r, and 7,667 pipes.

Joseph Smith Memorial Building organEdit

This organ was built by Casavant Frères of Ste. Hyacinthe, Quebec, Canada; it has 2m, 45r, and 2,482 pipes. View specifications here.

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