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If reasonable please notify the uploader(s) by placing the following code on their talk page:

{{subst:BadSVG/notification|Name of the file.ext}}

To create a new language version of this template, create a new subpage and use this code:

|text = {{#ifeq: {{NAMESPACE}} | File | This [[Help:SVG|SVG]] image contains | All the [[Help:SVG|SVG]] images in this {{#ifeq: {{NAMESPACE}} | Category | category | gallery }} contain }} embedded {{W|raster graphics}}.<sup>[//]</sup> Such images are liable to produce inferior results when scaled to different sizes (at same time inefficient file size). If appropriate to do so, they should be replaced with images created using {{W|vector graphics}}{{{1|.}}}
|lang = en
|style = {{{5|}}}
{{translated tag|cleanup}}

And replace the language code:

- |lang=en
+ |lang={{subst:SUBPAGENAME}}

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