Last modified on 21 November 2011, at 19:06

Template:Custom license marker added by UW

Version 2 of this template. Previous was: {{custom}} (between 11 November 2011 and 22 November 2011)

The code for this license was added manually by a user of Upload Wizard and was lightly checked for validity by a computer program. It is likely to be correct, but human reviewers should double check that this is indeed a proper and appropriate license.

Only visible thing on the file pages (currently):

This template will categorize into Category:UW uploads using a custom license.

(resp. in a sub cat) (hidden maintenance category)

This template is added (substed) by UW for uploads uploaded with custom license tag. Results in this template to be added to files: {{Custom license marker}} with time parameters filled in (see below).

This is added to files:
{{Custom license marker|year=2015|month=03|day=30}}