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Today, Sunday 1 February 2015 - 10:33 - Wikimedia commons have 118,947 articles.

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Un ours blanc (Ursus maritimus) bondissant entre deux blocs de glace de la banquise fondante, sur l'île de Spitzberg, dans l'archipel norvégien de Svalbard.  

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Wikipedia is a very interessant tool of liberty and knowledge's exchange. To be active instead of consummer, to can take and give without money. What's more glorious for humans! Thanks to the inventors... I participate in this utopic project since the 11th February 2007.

I'm call Adrian. I'm in passion about nature (particulary botany and beekeeping) I live in the central montains of France where the life is pretty (but where we don't speak english very well !!!!)

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