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Find out about me at wikipedia:User:AnnaKucsma. You can talk to me there, too.

See some of my pictures below (the ones I've uploaded already). You could also go to Category:User:AnnaKucsma.

Just because I pressed the shutter release doesn't necessarily mean that I'm the only person who's responsible for a particular shot. I've taken pictures of art by other people. It's in the "Secondary Sources" section. I may make a sub-category of the user category listed above.

I've also started a Personal Index, housing sub-galleries of stuff I like.

For a list of what else I've been up to, see User:AnnaKucsma/Pages

My picturesEdit

Secondary SourcesEdit

I took these pictures, but they're pictures of other people's art.

Watch ListEdit

This is a list of galleries, not categories. The latter can often be reached from the gallery page. Pages listed in bold are ones that I created; pages listed in italics are ones for which I created the category (but not neccesarily the page).