PH-2 This user is able to take good quality photographs.
BG-1 This user is able to contribute at a basic level to bitmap graphics.
Ani-0 This user is interested in learning animations (GIF,...).
Committed identity: 7caca022b4172ccb2749078a1f5d0d5a3304ba02ecd3bf724964a0f1459a503adc879d0901fbbef337809fe4266433543b1bc1df0d9406006750631166626963 is a SHA-512 commitment to this user's real-life identity.

This user is not yet able to obtain a unified global login for User:Duff due to its use status on another country's wiki, so, on Wikimedia, Wikimedia Commons, & Wikibooks, this user is known as User:Arbortender, whereas on all other English Wikipedia resources, this user is known as User:Duff.

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