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John Jennings, Esq. with his Brother and Sister-in-Law, 1769, by Alexander Roslin

I enjoy portrait paintings. My favorite artist is Sir Thomas Lawrence. I also love Sir Peter Lely and recently found an amazing artist, Alexander Roslin. I subscribe to the philosophies promulgated by the Art Renewal Center.

On Commons, I like to add the {{Artwork}} template (and its sub-templates) to paintings and develop their data records. I also like to categorize images and sometimes develop new categories and cross-references to other categories. I don't upload much, as I haven't the patience. I like working at Commons because even the smalles edit truly contributes something to creating an unparalleled reference depository for posterity. And no one complains or argues about it!

Lady Selina Meade (1797–1872), later Countess Clam-Martinic, 1819, by Sir Thomas Lawrence. Painted in Vienna, with the Stephansdom in the background.
Admiral Sir Graham Moore (1764-1843), 1792, by Sir Thomas Lawrence
A man, thought to be Lord Delamere, ca. 1660, by Sir Peter Lely
Charles Coote, 1st Earl of Bellamont (1738–1800), wearing the Robes of the Order of the Bath, 1773, by Joshua Reynolds. The robes are red, but the paint has faded. No other KB ever posed actually wearing the plumed hat.
Lucia Wijbrants (1638-1719), 1667, by Gabriël Metsu
Madame de Pompadour, 1756, by François Boucher