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Information icon.svg This template employs some extremely complicated or esoteric features of template syntax.
Please do not attempt to alter it unless you are certain that you understand the setup and are prepared to repair/revert any consequent collateral damage if the results are unexpected. Any experiments should be conducted in the sandbox or your userspace.

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This template will appear to be broken in this view - please check if it is actually broken on a page it is used on before trying to fix it

{{{nation}}} {{{type}}} by decade of first flight

[[:Category:{{{nation}}} {{{type}}} 1910-1919|1910s]] - [[:Category:{{{nation}}} {{{type}}} 1920-1929|1920s]] - [[:Category:{{{nation}}} {{{type}}} 1930-1939|1930s]] - [[:Category:{{{nation}}} {{{type}}} 1940-1949|1940s]] - [[:Category:{{{nation}}} {{{type}}} 1950-1959|1950s]] - [[:Category:{{{nation}}} {{{type}}} 1960-1969|1960s]] - [[:Category:{{{nation}}} {{{type}}} 1970-1979|1970s]] - [[:Category:{{{nation}}} {{{type}}} 1980-1989|1980s]] - [[:Category:{{{nation}}} {{{type}}} 1990-1999|1990s]] - [[:Category:{{{nation}}} {{{type}}} 2000-2009|2000s]]

{{{nation}}} military aircraft of the {{{1}}}0s
[[:Category:{{{nation}}} ASW aircraft {{{1}}}0-{{{1}}}9|ASW]] - [[:Category:{{{nation}}} attack aircraft {{{1}}}0-{{{1}}}9|Attack]] - [[:Category:{{{nation}}} bomber aircraft {{{1}}}0-{{{1}}}9|Bomber]] - [[:Category:{{{nation}}} experimental aircraft {{{1}}}0-{{{1}}}9|Experimental]] - [[:Category:{{{nation}}} fighter aircraft {{{1}}}0-{{{1}}}9|Fighter]] - [[:Category:{{{nation}}} patrol aircraft {{{1}}}0-{{{1}}}9|Patrol]] - [[:Category:{{{nation}}} military reconnaissance aircraft {{{1}}}0-{{{1}}}9|Reconnaissance]] - [[:Category:{{{nation}}} military trainer aircraft {{{1}}}0-{{{1}}}9|Trainer]] - [[:Category:{{{nation}}} military transport aircraft {{{1}}}0-{{{1}}}9|Transport]] - [[:Category:{{{nation}}} military utility aircraft {{{1}}}0-{{{1}}}9|Utility]]

{{{nation}}} civil aircraft of the {{{1}}}0s
[[:Category:{{{nation}}} agricultural aircraft {{{1}}}0-{{{1}}}9|Agricultural]] - [[:Category:{{{nation}}} airliners {{{1}}}0-{{{1}}}9|Airliner]] - [[:Category:{{{nation}}} cargo aircraft {{{1}}}0-{{{1}}}9|Cargo]] - [[:Category:{{{nation}}} sports planes {{{1}}}0-{{{1}}}9|Sports]] - [[:Category:{{{nation}}} civil trainer aircraft {{{1}}}0-{{{1}}}9|Trainer]] - [[:Category:{{{nation}}} civil utility aircraft {{{1}}}0-{{{1}}}9|Utility]]

{{{Type}}} of the {{{1}}}0s by nation

[[:Category:Canadian {{{type}}} {{{1}}}0-{{{1}}}9|Canada]] - [[:Category:Czech {{{type}}} {{{1}}}0-{{{1}}}9|Czech Republic]] -[[:Category:French {{{type}}} {{{1}}}0-{{{1}}}9|France]] - [[:Category:German {{{type}}} {{{1}}}0-{{{1}}}9|Germany]] - [[:Category:Italian {{{type}}} {{{1}}}0-{{{1}}}9|Italy]] - [[:Category:Japanese {{{type}}} {{{1}}}0-{{{1}}}9|Japan]] - [[:Category:Polish {{{type}}} {{{1}}}0-{{{1}}}9|Poland]] - [[:Category:Expression error: Unrecognized punctuation character "{". {{{type}}} {{{1}}}0-{{{1}}}9|Russia]] - [[:Category:British {{{type}}} {{{1}}}0-{{{1}}}9|United Kingdom]] - [[:Category:U.S. {{{type}}} {{{1}}}0-{{{1}}}9|United States]]

[[Category:{{{Type}}} {{{1}}}0-{{{1}}}9|{{{nation}}}]] [[Category:{{{nation}}} {{{type}}}|#{{{1}}}]] [[Category:{{{nation}}} aircraft {{{1}}}0-{{{1}}}9|{{{Type}}}]] [[Category:{{{nation}}} civil aircraft {{{1}}}0-{{{1}}}9|{{{Type}}}]]