Big Sur, CA -- the first contribution to Wikimedia that my father made (I showed him how to upload to commons :))

at Wikimania 2006.
By fuzheado, used with permission

Hello! My name is Phoebe Ayers. See w:en:user:Phoebe for bio, etc.

Talk to me: leave a message | on meta | phoebe dot ayers at gmail dot com | wikimatrix of my accounts

also often on IRC, AIM, etc as brassratgirl

Things I do around here:Edit

Community memberEdit

  • Editor on en:wp since August 2003
  • Writer for the English Wikipedia Signpost
  • Current maintainer of the List Summary Service for Foundation-l
  • Organizer of the San Francisco Bay meetup group; current mailing list admin for that group
  • Wikimania and events organizer (see "Conferences")
  • I was a member of the now-defunct m:Special Projects Committee (beginning May 2006).

Researcher and educatorEdit

  • I'm interested in and participate in Wikipedia and wiki research. I presented a short paper at Wikimania 2005; recently completed a literature review of ongoing research that will be presented at ASIST'06; and helped with a hugely successful research BoF at Wikimania '06.
  • Finally, I give general presentations about wikis and Wikipedia to various groups, particularly librarians. An occasionally updated list may be found here. A handout I developed for librarians may be found. I am happy to share slides, notes, and thoughts on what works & what doesn't.



Some things I care about:Edit

  • Community governance
  • Meetups
  • free content
  • good references

Things that are always welcome: coffee, good ideas, enthusiasm
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