• I mainly write/edit articles for the greek language Wiki. I started about 100 articles and edited over 15,000 therre since January 2008.

Articles which I'm interesting toEdit


cattle, clam, elephant, horse,


hydrogen, hydrogen atom, hydrogen-like atom, methan,

Economy, Society & TechnologyEdit

agriculture, animal husbandry, bank, Buddhism, epic poetry, farm, fishing, fishing history, horseback riding, incense, market, meditation, military tradition, mine, mining, mysticism, nation, νavigation, paper, pavilion, pottery, priesthood, printing, replaceable parts, sailing, watermill, wheel, writing,

History & MomumentsEdit

chariot, Colosseum, galleon, Globe Theatre, Great Mosque of Samarra, guild, gunpowder, Hanging Gardens of Babylon, Hermitage Museum, Library of Alexandria, longbow, pike, Qin Shi Huang, rifling, Sankore Madrasah, Shwedagon Pagoda, Sistine Chapel, Stupa, war elephant,


education, Divine Right,

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