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User:World Imaging

Hi. In case you wish to use one of the photographs I have uploaded, feel free to leave a message on my Talk Page.


  • GNU License commercial usage

Dear PGHCOM, I would like to use your photo, Astrolabe Quadrant 1388, in an edited collection, 'Memory in the Twenty-First Century', and would like to know how you wish to be credited. Could you please contact me at Thanks, Nick

I would like to use your photo of the Phoenix and Dragon carpet in a newsletter as an example of a carpet that uses a Phoenix as a design element. Please contact me in this regard Heidi

Dear PGHCOM, I want to use your photo "Gold Histamenon of Zoe and Theodora, 1042" for an exhibition about women in history, who produced perfumes. I will give you reference as required. Thank you so much Angelika

Dear PGHCOM I have used your photograph of Rhoda coin in my book, The Greek Empire of Marseille: Discoverer of Britain, Saviour of Rome. I have given you a reference and credit as required. Best Wishes Christopher

Dear PGHCOM: I am going to use your photo of Toi 250kg gold bar in my book, "Visiting the World of Gold", which is to be published in China. Would you please contact me should you have an questions by following email:

Thank you very much! Sam Hu

17 January 2014: We have used your image for a book entitled "The archaeological heritage of Africa" published by Cambridge University Press. For any queries, please contact - Many thanks. Jenni Bowden

Oct, 20 2014 Dear World Imaging. I would like to use the above-named images of blue-and-white ceramics in a book “The Blue”, which has collected facts about the colour blue through the ages. Would you please give me a permission for this? Thank you very much Yours sincerely Endla (endla@koolibri) File:Early_blue_and_white_ware_first_half_of_14th_century_Jingdezhen.jpg File:Blue_and_white_vase_1271_1368_Jingdezhen_unearthed_in_Jiangxi_Province.jpg File:Faience_with_Chinese_scenes_Nevers_Manufactory_1680_1700.jpg File:Early_blue_and_white_ware_circa_1335_Jingdezhen.jpg File:Kangxi_porcelain_with_French_silver_decoration_1717-1722.jpg