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Questions about why your image is nominated for deletion?Edit

Licensing tutorial en.svg

  • Read image first! ... Then read COM:L
  • Reply on the deletion nomination page, not a discussion page.
  • Replies left here have no effect on deletion nominations.

Please note that none of the following claims are valid license justifications:

  1. I own the copyrighted © website from which the image/s was/were copied but can't file an OTRS;
  2. I have the same user name as a copyrighted website, but I can't send an email from that address.
  3. I am the official representative of the owner of a website whether personal or corporate;
  4. I own entire pages, or clippings from, newspapers and periodicals;
  5. I own/or was given a print/or electronic version of the image;
  6. I own this original piece of art;
  7. I paid for this image or portrait so I own the copyright;
  8. I am one of many heirs of the subject of an image;
  9. I think I am the owner via a long shaggy-dog story;
  10. I have permission to use this photograph from family album or other private source;
  11. I have permission to use this photograph from the web regardless of © or no © on the pages;
  12. I am the creator of professional images up to and including Getty and Reuters files labeled ©;
  13. I have really long arms and can take selfies from 100 feet away;
  14. I only copied part of this image from somewhere else;
  15. I don't remember where I got the image;
  16. I have no idea who created the image;
  17. I was given permission to use this picture on Wikipedia;

However, ... if you think you really do have permission despite the above, there are ways to work within the system to discuss it. Please leave a message on my talk page, including the file name of the image which was nominated or deleted.

You uploaded what to where? Oh mai!
Can I help you fix it?
Don't worry... Whatever it is, we can handle it!

-- see archives for earlier correspondence - please leave messages at bottom of this page.

FileAndy_McMillan.jpg — Deleted PhotoEdit


I'm the photographer for this photo: [1]. I was told to email permissions at Wikimedia and did so. You can see the flickr image with the correct license here:

Let me know what I need to do to get this image reinstated. Thanks! — Preceding unsigned comment added by Daniel Agee (talk • contribs)

Hi Daniel Agee: The image was bumped because it was found on flickr and you have the same name as the flickr account. That may seem counterintuitive but unfortunately it happens. The process now is to get the image undeleted and on its way for flickr review. I am NOT an expert in the latter; I'm going to restore the image and ping a more experienced editor named User:INeverCry to review this undeletion, and help with the flickr review; or starting it. I made the licenses match, also. I apologize for the delay in replying to your note, this is a very difficult week. Thank you for your understanding. Cheers! Ellin Beltz (talk) 02:01, 1 April 2015 (UTC)
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