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[1]. This is hilarious. You properly removed a provocative comment implying a conspiracy, but left a provocative comment asserting that the user was "very courteous and civil in discussions." The user was capable of civility on occasion, but also was often uncivil to the point of vicious, where his reactivities were poked, such as his belief that any nudity was "sexual," and his holding on to disputes long after they were moot. He was blocked many times, on many wikis, for incivility and related disruption. What he really was, was a cute puppy. He would apologize with big eyes, sometimes soliciting an admin on IRC, and it was irresistible, he'd be unblocked. Then he'd go back to the same behavior. I'm certainly not going to bring this up there. However, that kind of comment could eventually bring that page down. I'd almost suspect it as an attempt to do that, by creating controversy. Naw, that user wouldn't do that, would he? Probably not.

I just looked at the user's talk page, before and after he blanked most of it. This is a long-term experienced user, a former Wikiversity sysop, and for a time, he bragged once, with some reason, he ran the place. He was a Wikipedia refugee, and I had supported him on Wikipedia, when he had stood up for a topic-banned teenage girl, who had been attacked. He had been blocked for incivility in that. He did not know how to stand up for someone without being uncivil! I did handle that case, though I was blocked in the middle of it because of a misunderstanding and my work was completed by another user whom I'd defended. He did a very good job, the topic ban was lifted, and the truly disruptive user behind it all disappeared.

So when I came to Wikiversity, and asked about rollback, he suggested I become a probationary custodian, so I did, with him as my mentor. Then, one day, he was grossly uncivil, and gratuitously so, based apparently on other-wiki conflict. So I warned him. He blew it off, so I blocked him for two hours. He went completely ballistic, unblocked himself, revision-deleted everything relevant, thus hiding his own self-unblock, and went to meta for an emergency desysop, lying to them about Wikiversity policy. I was desysopped because they do not investigate. That's okay, because it could easily have been fixed, and it was eventually fixed (with a new mentor!). (And a 'crat reviewed that block and concluded it was within reasonable discretion.) Meanwhile, the user's actions ultimately led to his desysop and he never forgot it, even though I did not file the process (I had drafted it in my user space as a warning, but a 'crat took it and used it), and he retaliated whenever possible. He was indef blocked at one point, and unblocked without discussion, by a friend. He always had friends. If he came back to Wikiversity today and did what he did in the past, and didn't stop when warned, his account there would be toast. Quickly. But he hasn't edited there in over a year, except for 3 edits on one day in September, all related to me, the first two were supporting a sysop at the time who was desysopped over his behavior, the last supporting the only oppose comment in a permanent custodianship discussion, from that same sysop, with a question that demonstrates why Wikiversity was greatly blessed when our "civil" user here was desysopped. He believes that admins should be doing a lot of deleting, when, on Wikiversity, we organize content, mostly we don't delete it if it is created in good faith, and sysops use a deletion template like everyone else, with a second opinion needed for deletion. He also used to block users for no good reason, just his own opinion, when he had the tools.

So, "civil and courteous," wow! Look at his talk page here! Yes, he would do a spectacular about-face, sometimes, and apologize. Problem is, he still believed he was right, and that comes out, eventually. --Abd (talk) 22:09, 29 March 2015 (UTC)

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