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English: Shandong (山東/山东) is an eastern, coastal province in northern China. With a population of 91.8 million at the end of 2004, Shandong is the second populous province of China. The area of Shandong measures at 157,800 km2. The GDP (gross domestic product) in 2004 is 1569 billion RMB (CNY), which ranked also the second in Mainland China. The rank of GDP per capita falls to the 8th in Mainland.

The provincial capital seats in Jinan, a city in western/inland Shandong on Huang He (Yellow River). Qingdao is the largest city and a seaport in Shandong Penisular, facing the Yellow Sea. The highest point of Shandong is at the peak of Mount Tai in central Shandong, with an elevation of 1545 m.

Shandong has a long and spenlid history of civilation and culture. Dawenkou culture and Longshan culture date back to 4100 BC to 2000 BC. Shandong was known as the States of Qi and Lu during the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period of China about 2200 years ago. At that time, Confucius was born and became the great sage and teacher in the capital of Lu, now known as Qufu.
中文(简体)‎: 山东省,简称鲁,以其在太行山之东而名。



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