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中文: 云冈石窟位于山西大同市西16公里武周山南麓,建于北魏年间。2001年,云冈石窟被列为世界文化遗产。
English: Yungang Grottoes, a World Cultural Heritage site located west of Datong city, Shanxi Province, China. Built in the Northern Wei Dynasty, it combined the art style of China, Greece and India. It's thought that Yungang made a great influence on the art of Tang Dynasty.


Cave 3Edit

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中文: 云冈石窟第20窟又称白佛爷洞,开凿于公元460-470年,由于窟前立壁与窟顶早已损毁,现为露天造像。主像是释迦坐像,称“露天大佛”,高13.7米,是云冈石窟中的代表作品。主像两侧原各有一尊立佛,与主佛组成三世佛造像组合,但西立佛早已坍塌。