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76.2 mm divisional gun M1902

1900s towed 76 mm field gun of Russian origin

76.2 mm divisional gun M1902 was introduced into the army of Imperial Russia in 1902. It was manufactured in great numbers, becoming the basic Russian gun during World War I. It then served in the Soviet army and in the armies of countries formed from parts of the prewar Russian Empire. Over the years some guns were modernised. In the Soviet Union, these resulted in 76.2-mm divisional gun M1902/30 and 76.2-mm divisional gun M1902/30 L40. In the Polish army the modernised gun was known as Armata wz. 02/26.

76 mm divisional gun M1902/30Edit

75 mm wz.1902/26 gunEdit

Polish-modified M1902 guns in the German armoured motor rail car PT 16