Abies lasiocarpa

species of plant
DomainEukaryota • RegnumPlantae • PhylumPinophyta • OrdoPinales • FamiliaPinaceae • GenusAbies • Species: Abies lasiocarpa (Hook.) Nutt.
Abies balsamea (L.) P. Mill. ssp. lasiocarpa (Hook.) Boivin
Abies balsamea (L.) P. Mill. var. fallax (Engelm.) Boivin
Abies bifolia A. Murr.
Pinus lasiocarpa Hook.


Abies lasiocarpa subsp. lasiocarpaEdit

Abies lasiocarpa subsp. lasiocarpa. Coast Ranges, Cascades.

Habitus / plantsEdit

Strobili / ConesEdit

Folia / leavesEdit

Cortex / barkEdit

Abies lasiocarpa subsp. bifoliaEdit

Abies lasiocarpa subsp. bifolia (A.Murray) Silba. Northern & central Rocky Mountains.

Abies lasiocarpa subsp. arizonicaEdit

Abies lasiocarpa subsp. arizonica (Merriam) A.E.Murray. Southern Rocky Mountains.


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