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palace and fortress complex in Granada, Andalusia, Spain
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Alhambra or the Red Castle is a citadel in Granada, Spain with Moorish and Christian palaces from the centuries 13th to 16th, houses and fortresses. It is the most visited tourist attraction in the city and it was listed as World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1984 together with the Generalife, the Nasrid summer palace and gardens close to Alhambra.

Exterior viewsEdit

Nasrid PalacesEdit

Palace of the LionsEdit

Palacio de ComaresEdit

English: Wifes Palace

Mexuar o Cuarto DoradoEdit

English: Mechouar, or "Golden Palace"

Arches and arabeskEdit

English: Arches and arabesk

Palacio de Carlos VEdit

English: Emperor Charles V Palace

El PartalEdit


Otras vistasEdit

English: Other views

Alhambra in ArtEdit

Plans of AlhambraEdit