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Hrvatski Hrvatska - Republika Hrvatska

Republika Hrvatska je srednjoeuropska zemlja, zemljopisno smještena na raskrižju puteva za Srednju Europu i Sredozemlja. Hrvatska graniči sa Slovenijom, Mađarskom, Srbijom, Bosnom i Hercegovinom, Crnom Gorom i Italijom (morska granica). Hrvatska ima 4.437.460 stanovnika. Glavni grad je Zagreb (779.145 st.). Kopnena površina iznosi 56.542 km², a površina teritorijalnog mora 31.067 km².

Italiano Croazia - Repubblica Croata

La Croazia, ufficialmente Repubblica di Croazia è uno stato dell'Europa centrale con una popolazione di 4.494.749 abitanti (stima 2006), la sua capitale è Zagabria (779.145 abitanti). Confina a nord con la Slovenia, a nord-est con l'Ungheria, ad est con la Serbia, a sud con la Bosnia ed Erzegovina e il Montenegro, mentre a ovest è affacciata al mare Adriatico. La superficie territoriale è di 56.542 km² mentre la superficie delle acque territoriali è pari a 31.067 km².

English Croatia - Republic of Croatia

The Republic of Croatia is a country in Europe at the crossroads of the Mediterranean, Central Europe and the Balkans. Its capital is Zagreb. Croatia shares land borders with ► Slovenia and ► Hungary to the north, ► Serbia with ► Vojvodina to the east, ► Bosnia and Herzegovina (both the ► Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and ► Srpska) and ► Montenegro to the south, as well as a sea border with ► Italy to the west.

Short name  Croatia
Official name Republic of Croatia
Status Independent country since 1991
Location South East Europe
Capital Zagreb
Population 4,076,246 inhabitants
Area 56,542 km²
Major languages Croatian (official), national minority languages
Major religions Roman Catholicism
More information Croatia, Geography of Croatia, History of Croatia and Politics of Croatia
More images Croatia - Croatia (Category).

General maps

Hr-map.png Map of Croatia
Croatia topo.jpg Topographic map of Croatia
Counties of Croatia.png Counties of Croatia
Croatia map municipalities.svg Municipalities of Croatia

History maps

This section holds a short summary of the history of the area of present-day Croatia, illustrated with maps, including historical maps of former countries and empires that included present-day Croatia.

Pannonian sea01.png Approximate extent of the Pannonian Sea during the Miocene Epoch
Pannonian sea03-en.png Approximate extent of the Pannonian Sea during the Miocene Epoch
Pannoniansea currentborders.png Approximate extent of the Pannonian Sea during the Miocene Epoch
Vucedol culture map.png Indo-European Vučedol culture (3000–2400 BC)
Illyrian tribes-en.png Ethnic territory of the Illyrians and Illyrian tribes (8th–3rd century BC)
Roman expansion 264 BC Shepherd.jpg Territorial development of the Roman Empire between 264 BC and 192 AD, including the conquest of present-day Croatia.
Expansion of Rome, 2nd century BC.gif Roman Republic (100 BC)
Rivolta pannonica 6 jpg.JPG Dalmato-Pannonian uprising (6 AD)
Rivolta pannonica 7.jpg Dalmato-Pannonian uprising (7 AD)
Rivolta pannonica 8.jpg Dalmato-Pannonian uprising (8 AD)
Rivolta pannonica 9.jpg Dalmato-Pannonian uprising (9 AD)
Roman Empire in 50 BC.png Roman Empire (50 BC)
Roman Empire.png The extent of the Roman Republic and Roman Empire;
  133 BC
  44 BC (late Republic, after conquests by republican generals)
  AD 14 (death of Augustus)
  117 (maximum extension)
Roman Legions camps - AD 80.png Camps of the Roman Legions (80 AD)
Pannonia popolazioni png.png Ancient peoples in Pannonia
Pannonia01.png Roman Province of Pannonia (1st century AD)
Pannonia01b.png Roman Province of Pannonia (1st century AD)
REmpire-Dalmatia.png Roman Province of Dalmatia (1st century AD)
Romia Imperio.png Roman Empire (116)
Dalmatia SPQR.png Dalmatia in the Roman Empire (116)
Pannonia SPQR.png Pannonia in the Roman Empire (116)
Roman empire.png Roman Empire (117)
Pannonia02.png Roman Provinces of Pannonia Superior and Pannonia Inferior (2nd century)
Iasoru republic.png Res publica Iasorum in Pannonia (2nd century)
Pannonia II secolo dC.jpg Roman Provinces of Pannonia Superior and Pannonia Inferior (2nd century)
Roman provinces of Illyricum, Macedonia, Dacia, Moesia, Pannonia and Thracia.jpg Roman Provinces of Dalmatia, Pannonia Superior and Pannonia Inferior (2nd century)
Illyricum (Imperium Romanum).png Roman Province of Dalmatia (2nd century)
Ancient balkans 4thcentury.png Roman provinces (4th century)
Pannonia03 en.png Roman provinces (4th century)
Roman empire 395.jpg Roman Empire divided 395, showing the dioceses and praetorian prefectures of Gaul, Italy, Illyricum and Oriens (east), roughly analogous to the four Tetrarch zones of influence after Diocletian's reforms.
Theodosius I's empire.png The division of the Empire after the death of Theodosius I, c. 395, superimposed on modern borders.
Invasions of the Roman Empire 1.png Invasions of the Roman Empire (100–500)
Karte völkerwanderung.jpg Invasions of the Roman Empire (100–500)
Rome406.jpeg Division of the Roman Empire in 406
628px-Western and Eastern Roman Empires 476AD(3).PNG Eastern Roman Empire and Western Roman Empire (c. 476)
Marcellinus Dalmatia.jpg Independent Dalmatia: Extent of Marcellinus' control (454–468) and Julius Nepos' control (468–480)
EasternRomanEmpire.png Eastern Roman Empire
Justinien 527-565.svg Eastern Roman Empire under Emperor Justinian I
Justinian Byzanz.png Eastern Roman Empire under Emperor Justinian I
Byzantium550.png Byzantine Empire (550)
White serbia white croatia01.png White Croatia in the 6th century (c. 560), according to Francis Dvornik
Slav-7-8-obrez.png Croats in 7th and 8th centuries
Regnum Sclavorum 754 AD.PNG Location of South Slavic tribes according to the "Chronicle of the Priest of Duklja"
Slavic peoples 9c map.jpg Croats in 8th and 9th centuries
Map of the Western Balkans around 814 AD.png Croatia in 800
Dezela kneza Borne.PNG Croatia under Duke Borna (9th century)
Trpimirjeva Hrvaska.PNG Croatia under Duke Trpimir (9th century)
Spodnja Panonija- frankovska regija.PNG Frankish Lower Pannonia (9th century)
Pannonian Slavic Duchy-cro.PNG Pannonian Slavic Duchy (9th century)
Zemljevid Spodnje Panonije.PNG Pannonian Slavic Duchy (9th century)
Balaton principality.png Pannonian Slavic Duchy (9th century)
Territory governed by Braslav.png Principality of Braslav (9th century)
Gesta hungarorum map.jpg Principality of Braslav (Pannonian Croatia) and Littoral Croatia (9th century)
Paganija, Zahumlje, Travunija, Duklja, Croatian view.png Historical South Slavic principalities (9th century)
Pagania9st.png Pagania (9th century) - Croatian view
Pagania.png Pagania (9th century) - Serbian view
Neretva9st.png Pagania (9th century)
Map of the Balkans in the 900s.png Croatia and Savia in 900
Croatia of Tomislav-slo.PNG Croatia at the beginning of King Tomislav's rule (c. 925)
South-eastern Europe c. 910.jpg Croatia in 910
Balkans925.png Kingdom of Croatia (925)
Kingdom of Croatia.png Kingdom of Croatia (925)
Central and Eastern Europe around 950 AD.png Kingdom of Croatia (960)
Italy 1000 AD.svg Kingdom of Croatia (1000)
South-eastern Europe c. 1000.jpg Kingdom of Croatia (1000)
Republik Venedig.png Kingdom of Croatia and Venetian Republic (1000)
Byzantium1025.jpg The Byzantine Empire under Basil II (c. 1025)
Map Byzantine Empire 1025-fr.svg Byzantine Empire (1025)
L'impero bizantino nel 1045.jpg Kingdom of Croatia and Byzantine Empire (1045)
Italy and Illyria 1084 AD.svg Kingdom of Croatia (1084)
South-Eastern Europe, ca. 1090, by User-Hxseek.png South Eastern Europe (c. 1090)
First.Crusade.Map.jpg Kingdom of Croatia during the reign of King Petar Svačić (1097)
Byzantium in 1170(3).PNG Byzantine Empire under Manuel Komnenos (c. 1170)
South-eastern Europe c. 1180.jpg Croatia in 1180
Manuel'sEmpire.png Byzantine Empire (1180)
South-eastern Europe c. 1210.jpg Croatia in 1210
Hungary 13th cent.png Croatia and Slavonia in the Kigdom of Hungary (13th century)
Bosnia around 1412.png Lands of Hrvoje Vukčić Hrvatinić (1412)
Ottoman small animation.gif Growth of the Ottoman Empire
Meyers b15 s0924a.jpg Development of the European part of the Ottoman Empire
Ottoman empire 1481-1683.jpg Growth of the Ottoman Empire
Growth of Habsburg territories.jpg Croatia in the Habsburg Monarchy (1526–1801)
South-Eastern Europe, ca. 1090, by User-Hxseek.png Croatia in 1550
Dalmazia1560.png Venetian Dalmatia and Republic of Dubrovnik (1560)
Central europe 1572.png Habsburg Croatia (1572)
Bosna srebrena 1679.jpg Franciscan Province of Bosna Srebrena (1679)
Central europe 1683.png Habsburg Croatia (1683)
Ottoman 1683.png Ottoman Empire (1683)
Bunjevci migrations.png Bunjevci migrations
Zemljopisna karta Dalmacije, Hrvatske, Slovenije, Bosne, Srbije, Istre i Dubrovacke republike u 18. st.jpg roatian lands in the 18th century
Slavonia01.png Kingdom of Slavonia with Slavonian Krajina (1751)
Map of Croatia in 1791 by Reilly 002.jpg Habsburg Croatia and so called "Turkish Croatia" (1791)
Republic of Venice 1796.png Venetian Republic (1796)
Map of Ragusa.jpg Republic of Dubrovnik (1678)
Dubrovacka republika.png Republic of Dubrovnik (before 1808)
Dubrovacka republika01.png Republic of Dubrovnik (before 1808)
Ragusa.png Republic of Dubrovnik (before 1808)
Dubrovnik Republic in Croatia.png Republic of Dubrovnik within modern Croatia
Italy c 1810.png French Illyrian Provinces (1810)
1french-empire1811.jpg French Illyrian Provinces (1811)
Riedl - Koenigreiche Illyrien.jpg Kingdom of Illyria within the Austrian Empire (1818)
Map of the Kingdom of Croatia (1848).png Kingdom of Croatia (early 1848)
Slavonia02.png Kingdom of Slavonia with Slavonian Krajina (1848)
Militargrenze, Wojwodowena und Banat.jpg Military Frontier (1849)
Map of the Kingdom of Croatia (1868).png Kingdom of Croatia-Slavonia (1868)
Austria-Hungary (ethnic).jpg Ethnicities in Austria-Hungary (1880)
Andree48-2.jpg Religions in Austria-Hungary (1881)
Map of the Kingdom of Croatia-Slavonia (1885).png Kingdom of Croatia-Slavonia (1885)
Austria-Hungary (ethnic).JPG Ethnicities in Austria-Hungary (1890)
Austria-Hungary1899.JPG Austria-Hungary (1899)
OesterreichUngarn.png Austria-Hungary (1905)
Fed oostenrijk.gif Proposed United States of Greater Austria (1906)
Greater austria.png Proposed United States of Greater Austria (1906)
Austro-Hungary 1914.jpg Austria-Hungary (1914)
Austria-Hungary map new.svg Kingdoms and countries of Austria–Hungary:
Cisleithania: 1. Bohemia, 2. Bukovina, 3. Carinthia, 4. Carniola, 5. Dalmatia, 6. Galicia, 7. Austrian Littoral, 8. Lower Austria, 9. Moravia, 10. Salzburg, 11. Silesia, 12. Styria, 13. Tyrol, 14. Upper Austria, 15. Vorarlberg;
Transleithania: 16. Hungary, 17. Croatia and Slavonia;
18. Bosnia and Herzegovina
Location-Kingdom-of-Hungary.png Location of the Kingdom of Hungary
Kingdom of Hungary counties.svg Counties of the Kingdom of Hungary
Croatia-Slavonia-Kingdom-of-Hungary.png Counties in the Kingdom of Croatia-Slavonia (before 1918)
Triune Kingdom of Croatia (1868-1918).png So called "Triune Kingdom of Croatia, Slavonia and Dalmatia" (before 1918)
Österreich-Ungarns Ende.png Partition of Austria-Hungary (1918–1920)
Trianon map hu.png Treaty of Trianon (1920)
Slovenes, Croats, Serbs.PNG State of Slovenes, Croats and Serbs (1918)
Freistaat Fiume 1920-1924.png Free State of Fiume (1920–1924)
BanovineKJ.jpg Banovinas (provinces) of the KIngdom of Yugoslavia (1929–1939)
Banovine 1929-1939.png Sava Banovina and Littoral Banovina (1929–1939) and Banovina of Croatia (1939–1941)
BanHrvatska1939.gif Banovina of Croatia (1939–1941)
BanovinaCroatia.PNG Banovina of Croatia (1939–1941)
Creation of Banovina.png Banovina of Croatia (1939–1941)
Banovina.png Banovina of Croatia (1939–1941)
Division of banovina.png Banovina of Croatia (1939–1941)
Ndh 1941.png Independent State of Croatia (1941)
Fascist occupation of yugoslavia.png Independent State of Croatia (1941)
Axis occupation of Yugoslavia, 1941-43.png Independent State of Croatia (1941)
Axis occupation of Yugoslavia, 1943-44.png Independent State of Croatia (1943)
Yugoslavia 1941.png Independent State of Croatia in WW2
Croatia 41 45.gif Independent State of Croatia: red
Italian-held areas: green
Hungarian-held areas: brown
German-held areas: blue
1941governatoratodalmazia.png Independent State of Croatia (1941)
Western Balkans 1942.2008.png Independent State of Croatia (1942)
Albia.png Operation Albia (1942)
NezavisnaDrzavaHrvatskaDistricts.png Counties of the Independent State of Croatia (1941–1943)
NezavisnaDrzavaHrvatska.png Counties of the Independent State of Croatia (1941–1943)
NezavisnaDrzavaHrvatskaDistricts1943.png Counties of the Independent State of Croatia (1943–1945)
Litorale 1.png Istria in the 20th century
Litorale 3.png Free Territory of Trieste (1947–1954)
SporazumPavelicStojadinovic.png Proposed division of Yugoslavia according to the Pavelić-Stojadinović agreement (1954)
Locator map Croatia in Yugoslavia.svg Croatia in SFR Yugoslavia
Breakup of Yugoslavia.gif Animated map showing the breakup of SFR Yugoslavia
JNA offensive plan 1991.jpg Map of the strategic offensive plan of the Yugoslav People's Army (JNA) in Croatia, in 1991. The JNA was unable to advance as far as it had hoped due to Croatian resistance.
Map of Republika Srpska Krajina.png Republic of Serbian Krajina (1991)
Krajina Army Territorial Division.JPG Subdivisions of the Republic of Serbian Krajina
Republika srpska krajina.png Republic of Serbian Krajina
Republika srpska krajina regije.png Geographical regions of the Republic of Serbian Krajina
Republika srpska krajina etnicka01.png Ethnicities in the Republic of Serbian Krajina
Istočna Slavonija, Baranja i Zapadni Srem-en.png Map of Eastern Slavonia, Baranja and Western Srem
Map 2 - Croatia - Battle of Vukovar, September-November 1991.jpg Battle of Vukovar (1991)
Former Yugoslavia durning war.svg Yugoslav Wars (1991)
Former Yugoslavia wartime.png Yugoslav Wars (1992)
Map 3 - Croatia - Eastern Slavonia, September 1991-January 1992.jpg Military operations in Eastern Slavonia (1991–1992)
Map 52 - Croatia - Western Slavonia, May 1995.jpg Operation Flash (1995)
Map 49 - Croatia - Operation Oluja, 4-8 August 1995.jpg Operation Storm (1995)
Former Yugoslavia 2006.png Former Yugoslavia (2008)
Croatia minefields.png Minefields from the war
Bay-of-Piran maritime-boundary-dispute.jpg Border dispute with Slovenia

Ethnic and linguistic maps

  Historical Croatian dialects in Croatia
  Historical Croatian dialects in Croatia
  Historical distribution of Serbo-Croatian dialects (before 16th century migrations)
  Ethnic map of Croatia (1991)
  Serbs in Croatia (before 1981)
  Ethnic map of Croatia (2001)
  Macedonians in Croatia (black and brown)
  Serbo-Croatian language (2005)
  Croatian language (2006)
  Croatian language (2006)
  Shtokavian Serbo-Croatian dialects
  Shtokavian Serbo-Croatian dialects
  Shtokavian Serbo-Croatian dialects

Regions of Croatia

  Central Croatia
  Slavonia and Syrmia
  Croatian and Serbian Syrmia
  Croatian and Hungarian Baranja

Political maps

  Proposed Greater Croatia
  Proposed Greater Croatia

Satellite maps

  Satellite map

Notes and references

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