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Atlas of Frisia

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The introductions of the country, dependency and region entries are in the native languages and in English. The other introductions are in English.

All Frisian flag Scandinavial model.svg

Fryslân, Fräislound, Freesland, Friislon

Frysk Fryslân is in kustregio oan de súdeastlike igge fan de Noardsee. De regio is it wengebiet fan de Friezen, in Germaansk folk dat fanâlds Frysk praat, in taal dy't nau besibbe is oan it Ingelsk. It wengebiet begjint yn it noardwesten fan Nederlân en strekt him út nei de Deensk/Dútske grins (rivier Vidå).
English Frisia - Frisia
Frisia is a coastal region along the southeastern corner of the North Sea. Frisia is the traditional homeland of the Frisians, a Germanic people who speak Frisian, a language group closely related to the English language. Frisia extends from the northwestern Netherlands across northwestern Germany to the border of Denmark (Vidå).

Short name Frisia
Official  name Frisia
Status Divided by The Netherlands, Denmark and Germany
Capital Idem
Population 1,500,000 (est.) inhabitants
Area km²
Major  languages Frisian languages, Dutch, Low-German and High-German
Major  religions
More information Frisia, Geography of Frisia, History of Frisia and Politics of Frisia
More  images Frisia - Frisia (Category).

General maps

Friesische Seelande um 1300.png Historical Frisian territories (year 1300)
Gebieden Friesland.png Frisian territories, North-Frisia excluded
Frisian languages in Europe.svg Frisian speaking area in Europa
Europe location FRS.png Location in Europe
Friesengebietblank.png Frisian territories (blank map)


Province Fryslân

  Map of the province Fryslân in The Netherlands
  Satellite image of the province Fryslân in The Netherlands

North Frisia

  Frisian speaking area in North Frisia

Province Groningen

  Map of the province Groningen in The Netherlands

East Frisia

  Blank map of the region East Frisia in northwestern Germany

West Frisia

  Region West Frisia in The Netherlands