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English Sarawak - Sarawak

Sarawak was a sovereign and independent kingdom in Borneo established by Sir James Brooke in 1841.
In 1888 Charles Anthoni Johnson Brooke, the successor of James Brooke, accepted a British Protectorate.
In 1946 Charles Vyner Brooke, the successor of Charles Anthoni Brooke ceded his rights to the British Empire.
Since 1963 the British colony of Sarawak became part of the states of Malaysia.

Short name  Sarawak
Official name Sarawak
Location South East Asia
Capital Kuching
Population inhabitants
Area 124450 km²
Major languages
Major religions Christianity
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Emblem of Sarawak
Kingdom of Sarawak
Flag of Sarawak
Kingdom of Sarawak British colony