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Steam locomotives in Beamish Museum.


Standard gaugeEdit


Steam ElephantEdit

Locomotion No. 1Edit

Puffing BillyEdit

Steam Elephant & Puffing BillyEdit

? & ?Edit


0-4-0VB ('Coffee Pot's)Edit

  • Head Wrightson, 1871

No. 1Edit

No. 17Edit

  • Head Wrightson, 1873

0-4-0ST Peckett #2012 TeddyEdit

  • Visitor, 2011 Power to the Past event

0-4-0ST Andrew Barclay #2274 No. 22Edit

  • Regular long term visitor

0-4-0ST Stockton Ironworks No.5 MalleableEdit

0-4-0ST Hawthorn Leslie #3056 No.14 Lambton & Hetton CollieriesEdit

0-4-0ST W.G. Bagnall #2572 "Judy" & #3058 "Alfred"Edit

0-6-0ST Manning Wardle #1532 NewcastleEdit




0-4-0T Fletcher, Jennings and Co. No. 158 of 1877 No. 3 Captain BaxterEdit

0-4-0T NER Class H / LNER Class Y7 No. 985Edit

0-6-0T Hudswell Clarke #1369 Manchester Ship Canal No. 67Edit

  • Visitor, 2011 Power to the Past event

0-4-0 Sharp Stewart Class A5 Furness Railway No. 20Edit

0-6-0 NER Class C1 / LNER Class J21 No. 876Edit

Narrow gaugeEdit

0-4-0ST Hunslet Large Quarry class #996 Edward SholtoEdit