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The Town portion of Beamish Museum occupies the north east corner of the site. The tramway runs east-west through a main street of shops, with a row of buildings along the north side, plus a park and a shorter row on the south side. At the east end, it curves south, with further buildings on either side.


General viewsEdit

Main streetEdit

Looking east down main streetEdit

Looking west down main streetEdit

Main street, north sideEdit


The longest row of buildings is on the north side of the main street. From west to east, they are (with signage writing & colour):

At the eastern end, beside the waiting room, is a stone fountain 54°53′22″N 1°39′37″W / 54.889403°N 1.660325°W / 54.889403; -1.660325


Main street, south sideEdit


On the south side, there are just two buildings, opposite the print works & sweet shop.


Rear areaEdit

Main street curveEdit

At its eastern end, the main street curves to the south. There are four buildings that front onto the street in this section:

Street & facadesEdit





Masonic lodgeEdit



Ravensworth TerraceEdit

No. 2 - Music teacher (Miss Florence Smith)Edit
No. 3 - Dentists (J. Jones)Edit
No. 4 - Residence of J. JonesEdit
No. 5 - Solicitor's (J. & R.S. Watson)Edit

Sweet shopEdit

Motor & Cycle worksEdit


Tramway detailEdit

Livery stablesEdit

The entrance arch for the stables in the north side of main street opens out onto a courtyard 54°53′22″N 1°39′40″W / 54.889465°N 1.661087°W / 54.889465; -1.661087, which has stable blocks on its west side (behind the pub) and the north side. On the east side is the entrance to the large E-W aligned Carriage House, while on the south side, backing onto the rear of the print works, is a smaller carriage shed.


Carriage shedsEdit


Redman ParkEdit

On the south side of main street, west of the Co-Op and opposite Ravensworth Terrace, is a park. Entry is via a gate in the corner next to the Co-Op, opposite the pub.

WWI memorial gunEdit

Object location54° 53′ 19.04″ N, 1° 39′ 40.88″ W  View all coordinates using: OpenStreetMap - Google Earth 

Reflecting the custom of the period, Redman Park features a captured German artillery piece on display as a World War 1 memorial. Positioned on the south side facing east, it's a 15 cm Kanone 16. It's not an actual ready to fire artillery piece, rather it's the barrel still on its 4 wheeled transporter wagon, with one of its axles removed.


Centrepiece of the the park is the bandstand.

Object location54° 53′ 20.22″ N, 1° 39′ 40.88″ W  View all coordinates using: OpenStreetMap - Google Earth 

West of Ravensworth TerraceEdit

East of bakeryEdit

Post boxesEdit