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Marking the northern boundary of the Beamish Museum, next to The Town, is a railway. At the western end is a complex comprising a goods area, station and signal box. There are two footbridges at either end, the eastern one linking the station with the road that heads west, to become the main street. All of these elements form the northern border the Events field. Immediately beyond the western bridge, two tracks enter the northern portion of the Beamish Waggon & Iron Works, providing under cover storage. East of the eastern footrbidge, the railway continues as a single track behind the northern edge of the Town, ending at a buffer stop near the tramway.


General viewsEdit

Looking east from the stationEdit

Looking east from the western bridgeEdit

Looking west from the east footbridgeEdit

Looking west from the stationEdit

Eastern trackEdit

Eastern footbridgeEdit

Object location54° 53′ 20.55″ N, 1° 39′ 46.5″ W  View all coordinates using: OpenStreetMap - Google Earth 

Signal boxEdit

Object location54° 53′ 20.51″ N, 1° 39′ 47.73″ W  View all coordinates using: OpenStreetMap - Google Earth 


Interior: Lever frameEdit

Signal box sidingEdit


There is a single station building, with single side platform, fronting onto the north side of the track.

General viewsEdit


Station buildingEdit

Object location54° 53′ 19.67″ N, 1° 39′ 50.94″ W  View all coordinates using: OpenStreetMap - Google Earth 

Goods YardEdit

The Goods yard consists of a Shed with a V-shaped platform extending east, with a crane installed on it; the track to the north continues into the shed, the track on the south platform ends in an open siding. North of the shed is an open storage siding. Another siding to the south continues to the coal drop, with road access to the coal from the resulting triangular shaped yard area between the drop siding and the south shed siding. A weighbridge stands at the road access to the yard, on its southern edge.

Goods shed & platformEdit

Object location54° 53′ 17.97″ N, 1° 39′ 53.22″ W  View all coordinates using: OpenStreetMap - Google Earth 

Storage sidingEdit


Coal dropsEdit

54°53′17″N 1°39′53″W / 54.888021°N 1.664681°W / 54.888021; -1.664681


Object location54° 53′ 16.01″ N, 1° 39′ 52.1″ W  View all coordinates using: OpenStreetMap - Google Earth 

Western end (Waggon & Iron Works)Edit

The tracks from the station continue west into a double-tracked shed, built into the northern part of the Waggon & Iron Works building. The northern goods track also continues to a buffer stop at the building.

Western footbridgeEdit

Eastern facadeEdit

Shed double-door/sidingsEdit

Object location54° 53′ 17.38″ N, 1° 39′ 55.87″ W  View all coordinates using: OpenStreetMap - Google Earth