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The tramway at Beamish Museum runs in a broadly oval shape, connecting the various areas of the site. It's a single track, with three passing loops at stations in the southern half, serving the Entrance, Home Farm and Pockerley areas. A long double track section in the north serves the Town. The whole tramway has an accompanying roadway along its inside edge. The depot is on the west side of the loop, accessed from a spur from the Home Farm loop. With the exception of a block token section between Entrance and Pokerley, access to the single track sections is governed by line of sight and driver knowledge of the service pattern - which in normal service ranges from just 1 tram in the winter, up to 4 in the summer.


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Cross site viewsEdit

Town double-track section & stopsEdit

Out of Town stopsEdit



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The stop serving the Entrance area is at the bottom of the oval, where the track runs in a straight E-W section. The entrance buildings are outside the oval, to the south east, so the shelter is on the south side of the tracks. The shelter is opposite the eastern half of the loop, set back from it. Unlike Home Farm & Pockerley, the track at the entrance loop intrude into the roadway.

Home FarmEdit


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The Home Farm stop serves Home Farm, which is outside of the tram oval to the west. It also serves the Pit Village and Colliery, inside the oval, to the east. Road access to both is via junctions south of the loop. There is a single shelter on the east side of the N-S aligned passing loop - meaning the roadway passes between it and the tram lines. The single line NW to the depot joins the oval on the western track of the passing loop.



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The Pockerley stop is for people visiting the Georgian Landscape, featuring the Pockerley Waggonway, St Helen’s Church & Pockerley Old Hall. These are all to the east (outside the oval), so the shelter for the stop is on the east side of (and halfway along) the passing loop, which curves from S to NE. The eastern track of the loop continues north into a small siding.

Depot spur & buildingEdit

The depot is accessed from a single track spur which runs NW from the passing loop at Home Farm stop. The depot building is a long NW-SE aligned building, in line with the spur.

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Single track sectionsEdit

SE curveEdit

SW curveEdit

Foulbridge road crossing & depot straightEdit

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East of the depot is a road crossing on the single track section of the oval north of Home Farm loop, for access onto the interior road.

NE sectionEdit