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Body piercing

opening in the body created by an act or practice of body piercing, form of body modification
Multiple facial piercings
Different types of piercing jewelry

Body piercing usually refers to the piercing of a part of the human body for the purpose of wearing jewelry in the opening created.


Pierced peopleEdit

Traditional body piercingEdit

Modern body piercingEdit

Piercing processEdit



Video of the processEdit

Piercings by body regionEdit

Facial piercingsEdit

Ear piercingsEdit

Oral piercingsEdit

Nose piercingsEdit

Other facial piercingsEdit

Body torso piercingsEdit

Male genital piercingsEdit

Glans penisEdit

Other male genital areaEdit

Female genital piercingsEdit

Clitoris and labiaEdit

Other female genital areaEdit

Stretched piercingsEdit


For standard piercingsEdit

For stretched piercingsEdit


Piercing toolsEdit

Stretching toolsEdit