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Butterflies of Kerala

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DomainEukaryota • RegnumAnimalia • PhylumArthropoda • SubphylumHexapoda • ClassisInsecta • SubclassisPterygota • InfraclassisNeoptera • SuperordoEndopterygota • OrdoLepidoptera • DivisioRhopalocera
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This is a gallery list of butterfly species found in Kerala, India. (Some of the images may be from other Indian States and so different subspecies from those found in Kerala.)


Family: PapilionidaeEdit

Subfamily: PapilioninaeEdit

Genus: Graphium (Swordtails, bluebottles and jays)Edit

Graphium agamemnon (Tailed jay)Edit
Graphium antiphates (Fivebar swordtail)Edit
Graphium doson (Common jay)Edit
Graphium nomius (Spot swordtail)Edit
Graphium teredon (Narrow banded bluebottle)Edit

Genus: Pachliopta (Red-bodied swallowtail, roses)Edit

Pachliopta aristolochiae (Common rose)Edit
Pachliopta hector (Crimson rose)Edit
Pachliopta pandiyana (Malabar rose)Edit

Genus: Papilio (Swallowtails, mimes)Edit

Papilio buddha (Malabar banded peacock)Edit
Papilio clytia (Common mime)Edit
Papilio crino (Common banded peacock)Edit
Papilio demoleus (Lime butterfly)Edit
Papilio dravidarum (Malabar Raven)Edit
Papilio helenus (Red Helen)Edit
Papilio liomedon (Malabar banded swallowtail)Edit
Papilio paris (Paris Peacock)Edit
Papilio polymnestor (Blue Mormon)Edit
Papilio polytes (Common Mormon)Edit

Genus: Troides (Birdwings)Edit

Troides minos (Southern birdwing)Edit

Family: PieridaeEdit

Subfamily: Coliadinae (Yellows)Edit

Genus: Catopsilia (Emigrants)Edit

Catopsilia pomona (Common emigrant)Edit
Catopsilia pyranthe (Mottled emigrant)Edit

Genus: Colias (Clouded yellows)Edit

Colias nilagiriensis (Nilgiri clouded yellow)Edit

Genus: Eurema (Grass yellows)Edit

Eurema andersonii (One-spot grass yellow)Edit
Eurema blanda (Three-spot grass yellow)Edit
Eurema brigitta (Small grass yellow)Edit
Eurema hecabe (Common grass yellow)Edit
Eurema laeta (Spotless grass yellow)Edit
Eurema nilgiriensis (Nilgiri grass yellow)Edit

Subfamily: Pierinae (Whites)Edit

Genus: Appias (Puffins and albatrosses)Edit

Appias albina (Common albatross)Edit
Appias indra (Plain puffin)Edit
Appias lalage (Spot puffin)Edit
Appias libythea (Striped albatross)Edit
Appias lyncida (Chocolate albatross)Edit
Appias wardii (Lesser albatross)Edit

Genus: Belenois (Pioneers)Edit

Belenois aurota (Pioneer white, Caper white)Edit

Genus: Cepora (Gulls)Edit

Cepora nadina (Lesser gull)Edit
Cepora nerissa (Common gull)Edit

Genus: Colotis (Arabs)Edit

Colotis amata (Small salmon Arab)Edit
Colotis aurora (Plain orange-tip)Edit
Colotis danae (Crimson-tip)Edit
Colotis fausta (Large salmon Arab)Edit
Colotis etrida (Small orange-tip)Edit

Genus: Delias (Jezebels)Edit

Delias eucharis (Common Jezebel)Edit

Genus: Hebomoia (Great orange tips)Edit

Hebomoia glaucippe (Great orange tip)Edit

Genus: Ixias (Indian orange tips)Edit

Ixias marianne (White orange tip)Edit
Ixias pyrene (Yellow orange tip)Edit

Genus: Leptosia (Psyche)Edit

Leptosia nina (Psyche)Edit

Genus: Pareronia (Wanderers)Edit

Pareronia ceylanica (Dark wanderer)Edit
Pareronia hippia (Indian wanderer)Edit

Genus: Pieris (Whites)Edit

Pieris canidia (Indian cabbage white)Edit

Genus: Prioneris (Sawtooths)Edit

Prioneris sita (Painted sawtooth)Edit

Family: NymphalidaeEdit

Subfamily: ApaturinaeEdit

Genus: Euripus (Courtesans)Edit

Euripus consimilis (Painted courtesan)Edit

Genus: Rohana (Princes)Edit

Rohana parisatis (Black prince)Edit

Subfamily: BiblidinaeEdit

Genus: Ariadne (Castors)Edit

Ariadne ariadne (Angled castor)Edit
Ariadne merione (Common castor)Edit

Genus: Byblia (Jokers)Edit

Byblia ilithyia (Joker)Edit

Subfamily: CharaxinaeEdit

Genus: Charaxes (Rajahs and nawabs)Edit

Charaxes agrarius (Anomalous nawab)Edit
Charaxes athamas (Common nawab)Edit
Charaxes psaphon (Plain tawny rajah)Edit
Charaxes schreiber (Blue nawab)Edit
Charaxes solon (Black rajah)Edit

Subfamily: CyrestinaeEdit

Genus: Cyrestis (Maps)Edit

Cyrestis thyodamas (Common map)Edit

Subfamily: DanainaeEdit

Genus: Danaus (Tigers)Edit

Danaus chrysippus (Plain tiger)Edit
Danaus genutia (Striped tiger)Edit

Genus: Euploea (Crows)Edit

Euploea core (Common Indian crow)Edit
Euploea klugii (King crow)Edit
Euploea sylvester (Double-branded crow)Edit

Genus: Idea (Tree nymphs)Edit

Idea malabarica (Malabar tree nymph)Edit

Genus: Parantica (Glassy tigers)Edit

Parantica aglea (Glassy tiger)Edit
Parantica nilgiriensis (Nilgiri tiger)Edit

Genus: Tirumala (Blue tigers)Edit

Tirumala limniace (Blue tiger)Edit
Tirumala septentrionis (Dark blue tiger)Edit

Subfamily: HeliconiinaeEdit

Genus: Acraea (Costers)Edit

Acraea terpsicore/violae (Tawny coster)Edit

Genus: Argynnis (Fritillaries)Edit

Argynnis hyperbius (Indian fritillary)Edit

Genus: Cethosia (Lacewings)Edit

Cethosia mahratta (Sahyadri lacewing)Edit

Genus: Cirrochroa (Yeomen)Edit

Cirrochroa thais (Tamil yeoman)Edit

Genus: Cupha (Rustics)Edit

Cupha erymanthis (Rustic)Edit

Genus: Phalanta (Leopards)Edit

Phalanta alcippe (Small leopard)Edit
Phalanta phalantha (Common leopard)Edit

Genus: Vindula (Cruisers)Edit

Vindula erota (Cruiser)Edit

Subfamily: LibytheinaeEdit

Genus: Libythea (Beaks)Edit

Libythea laius (Lobed beak)Edit
Libythea myrrha (Club beak)Edit

Subfamily: LimenitidinaeEdit

Genus: Athyma (Sergeants)Edit

Athyma inara (Colour sergeant)Edit
Athyma perius (Common sergeant)Edit
Athyma ranga (Blackvein sergeant)Edit
Athyma selenophora (Staff sergeant)Edit

Genus: Dophla (Dukes)Edit

Dophla evelina (Redspot duke)Edit

Genus: Euthalia (Barons)Edit

Euthalia aconthea (Common baron)Edit
Euthalia lubentina (Gaudy baron)Edit
Euthalia nais/Symphaedra nais (Baronet)Edit
Euthalia telchinia (Blue baron)Edit

Genus: Moduza (Commanders)Edit

Moduza procris (Commander)Edit

Genus: Neptis (Sailers)Edit

Neptis clinia (Southern sullied sailer)Edit
Neptis/Phaedyma columella (Shortbanded sailer)Edit
Neptis hylas (Common sailer)Edit
Neptis jumbah (Chestnut-streaked sailer)Edit
Neptis nata (Clear sailer)Edit
Neptis soma (Creamy Sailer / Sullied sailer)Edit
Neptis/Lasippa viraja (Yellowjack Sailer / Yellowback Sailer)Edit

Genus: Pantoporia (Lascars)Edit

Pantoporia hordonia (Common lascar)Edit
Pantoporia sandaka (Extra lascar)Edit

Genus: Parthenos (Clippers)Edit

Parthenos sylvia (Clipper)Edit

Genus: Tanaecia (Counts)Edit

Tanaecia lepidea (Grey count)Edit

Subfamily: NymphalinaeEdit

Genus: Doleschallia (Autumn leaves)Edit

Doleschallia bisaltide (Autumn leaf)Edit

Genus: Hypolimnas (Eggflies)Edit

Hypolimnas bolina (Great eggfly)Edit
Hypolimnas misippus (Danaid eggfly)Edit

Genus: Junonia (Pansies)Edit

Junonia almana (Peacock pansy)Edit
Junonia atlites (Grey pansy)Edit
Junonia hierta (Yellow pansy)Edit
Junonia iphita (Chocolate pansy)Edit
Junonia lemonias (Lemon pansy)Edit
Junonia orithya (Blue pansy)Edit

Genus: Kallima (Oakleaves)Edit

Kallima horsfieldi (South-Indian/Sahyadri blue oakleaf)Edit

Genus: KaniskaEdit

Kaniska canace (Blue admiral)Edit

Genus: Vanessa (Admirals, ladiesEdit

Vanessa cardui (Painted lady)Edit
Vanessa indica (Indian red admiral)Edit

Subfamily: SatyrinaeEdit

Genus: Amathusia (Palmkings)Edit

Amathusia phidippus (Palmking)Edit

Genus: Discophora (Duffers)Edit

Discophora lepida (Southern duffer)Edit

Genus: Elymnias (Palmflies)Edit

Elymnias hypermnestra (Tailed palmfly)Edit

Genus: HeteropsisEdit

Heteropsis/Telinga adolphei (Redeye Bushbrown)Edit
Heteropsis/Telinga davisoni (Palni bushbrown)Edit

Genus: Lethe (Treebrowns)Edit

Lethe drypetis (Tamil treebrown)Edit
Lethe europa (Bamboo treebrown)Edit
Lethe rohria (Common treebrown)Edit

Genus: Melanitis (Evening browns)Edit

Melanitis leda (Common evening brown)Edit
Melanitis phedima (Dark evening brown)Edit
Melanitis zitenius (Great evening brown)Edit

Genus: Mycalesis (Bushbrowns)Edit

Mycalesis anaxias (Whitebar bushbrown)Edit
Mycalesis igilia (Small longbrand bushbrown)Edit
Mycalesis junonia (Malabar glad-eye bushbrown)Edit
Mycalesis mineus (Dark branded bushbrown)Edit
Mycalesis/Telinga oculus (Red-disc bushbrown)Edit
Mycalesis perseus (Common bushbrown)Edit
Mycalesis subdita (Tamil bushbrown)Edit
Mycalesis visala (Long-brand bushbrown)Edit

Genus: OrsotriaenaEdit

Orsotriaena medus (Smooth-eyed bushbrown)Edit

Genus: ParantirrhoeaEdit

Parantirrhoea marshalli (Travancore evening brown)Edit

Genus: Ypthima (Rings)Edit

Ypthima asterope (Common threering)Edit
Ypthima baldus (Common fivering)Edit
Ypthima ceylonica (White fourring)Edit
Ypthima chenu (Nilgiri fourring)Edit
Ypthima huebneri (Common fourring)Edit
Ypthima striata (Striated fivering)Edit
Ypthima tabella (Baby fivering)Edit
Ypthima ypthimoides (Palni fourring)Edit

Genus: Zipaetis (Catseyes)Edit

Zipaetis saitis (Tamil/Banded catseye)Edit

Family: RiodinidaeEdit

Subfamily: NemeobiinaeEdit

Genus: Abisara (Judies)Edit

Abisara bifasciata (Double-banded judy)Edit
Abisara echerius (Plum judy)Edit

Family: LycaenidaeEdit

Subfamily: CuretinaeEdit

Genus: Curetis (Sunbeams)Edit

Curetis acuta (Angled sunbeam)Edit
Curetis siva (Shiva sunbeam)Edit
Curetis thetis (Indian sunbeam)Edit

Subfamily: MiletinaeEdit

Genus: Spalgis (Apeflies)Edit

Spalgis epius (Apefly)Edit

Subfamily: PolyommatinaeEdit

Genus: Acytolepis (Hedge blues)Edit

Acytolepis lilacea (Hampson's hedge blue)Edit
Acytolepis puspa (Common hedge blue)Edit

Genus: Anthene (Ciliate blues)Edit

Anthene emolus (Ciliate blue)Edit
Anthene lycaenina (Pointed ciliate blue)Edit

Genus: Azanus (Babul blues)Edit

Azanus jesous (African babul blue)Edit
Azanus ubaldus (Bright babul blue)Edit
Azanus uranus (Dull babul blue)Edit

Genus: CaletaEdit

Caleta decidia (Angled pierrot)Edit

Genus: CastaliusEdit

Castalius rosimon (Common Pierrot)Edit

Genus: CatochrysopsEdit

Catochrysops panormus (Silver forget-me-not)Edit
Catochrysops strabo (Forget-me-not)Edit

Genus: CelastrinaEdit

Celastrina lavendularis (Plain hedge blue)Edit

Genus: CelatoxiaEdit

Celatoxia albidisca (White-disc hedge blue)Edit

Genus: ChiladesEdit

Chilades lajus (Lime blue)Edit
Chilades pandava (Plains cupid)Edit
Chilades parrhasius (Small cupid)Edit
Chilades/Freyeria putli (Small Grass jewel)Edit
Chilades/Freyeria trochylus (Grass jewel)Edit

Genus: DiscolampaEdit

Discolampa ethion (Banded blue pierrot)Edit

Genus: EuchrysopsEdit

Euchrysops cnejus (Gram blue)Edit

Genus: EveresEdit

Everes lacturnus (Oriental/Indian cupid)Edit

Genus: IonolyceEdit

Ionolyce helicon (pointed linebluee)Edit

Genus: Jamides (Ceruleans)Edit

Jamides alecto (Metallic cerulean)Edit
Jamides bochus (Dark cerulean)Edit
Jamides celeno (Common cerulean)Edit

Genus: LampidesEdit

Lampides boeticus (Peablue)Edit

Genus: LeptotesEdit

Leptotes plinius (Peablue)Edit

Genus: MegisbaEdit

Megisba malaya (Malayan)Edit

Genus: NacadubaEdit

Nacaduba beroe (Opaque six-line blue)Edit
Nacaduba berenice (Rounded six-line blue)Edit
Nacaduba calauria (Dark Ceylon six-line blue)Edit
Nacaduba hermus (Pale four-line blue)Edit
Nacaduba kurava (Transparent six-line blue)Edit
Nacaduba pactolus (Large four-line blue)Edit

Genus: NeopithecopsEdit

Neopithecops zalmora (Quaker)Edit

Genus: PetrelaeaEdit

Petrelaea dana (Dingy lineblue)Edit

Genus: Prosotas (Lineblues)Edit

Prosotas dubiosa (Tailless lineblue)Edit
Prosotas nora (Common lineblue)Edit
Prosotas noreia (White-tipped lineblue)Edit

Genus: Pseudozizeeria (Lineblues)Edit

Pseudozizeeria maha (Tailless lineblue)Edit

Genus: TalicadaEdit

Talicada nyseus (Red Pierrot)Edit

Genus: TarucusEdit

Tarucus ananda (Dark pierrot)Edit
Tarucus callinara (Spotted pierrot)Edit
Tarucus nara (Striped pierrot)Edit

Genus: UdaraEdit

Udara akasa (White hedge blue)Edit

Genus: ZizeeriaEdit

Zizeeria karsandra (Dark grass blue)Edit

Genus: ZizinaEdit

Zizina otis (Lesser grass blue)Edit

Genus: ZizulaEdit

Zizula hylax (Tiny grass blue)Edit

Subfamily: TheclinaeEdit

Genus: AmblypodiaEdit

Amblypodia anita (Purple leaf blue)Edit

Genus: AncemaEdit

Ancema blanka (Silver royal)Edit

Genus: ArhopalaEdit

Arhopala abseus (Aberrant oakblue)Edit
Arhopala alea (Rosy oakblue)Edit
Arhopala amantes (Large oakblue)Edit
Arhopala atrax (Indian oakblue)Edit
Arhopala bazaloides (Tamil oakblue)Edit
Arhopala centaurus (Centaur oakblue)Edit

Genus: BindaharaEdit

Bindahara phocides (Plane)Edit

Genus: CatapaecilmaEdit

Catapaecilma major (Common tinsel)Edit

Genus: CheritraEdit

Cheritra freja (Common imperial)Edit

Genus: CreonEdit

Creon cleobis (Broadtail royal)Edit

Genus: DeudorixEdit

Deudorix epijarbas (Cornelian)Edit

Genus: HoragaEdit

Horaga onyx (Common onyx)Edit
Horaga viola (Brown onyx)Edit

Genus: HypolycaenaEdit

Hypolycaena nilgirica (Nilgiri tit)Edit
Hypolycaena othona (Orchid tit)Edit

Genus: IraotaEdit

Iraota timoleon (Silverstreak blue)Edit

Genus: LoxuraEdit

Loxura atymnus (Yamfly)Edit

Genus: PratapaEdit

Pratapa deva (White royal)Edit

Genus: RachanaEdit

Rachana jalindra (Banded royal)Edit

Genus: RapalaEdit

Rapala iarbus (Common red flash)Edit
Rapala lankana (Malabar flash)Edit
Rapala manea (Slate flash)Edit
Rapala varuna (Indigo flash)Edit