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international organization which operates the world's largest particle physics laboratory
English: The CERN, "European Organisation for Nuclear Research", is the greatest laboratory for nuclear and particle physics in the world. It is situated just northwest of Geneva, Switzerland, on the border between France and Switzerland.
Français : le CERN, Organisation européenne pour la recherche nucléaire, est le plus grand laboratoire de physique des particules du monde

CERN BuildingsEdit

Control roomEdit

Large Hadron Collider (LHC)Edit

See at its page.

Microcosmos / MicrocosmeEdit

Français : Microcosme est le musée du CERN. Il contient des maquettes, de la vulgarisation et des morceaux de détecteurs



Garden of the Microcosm / Jardin de MicrocosmeEdit

Gargamelle bubble chamberEdit

(Garden of the Microcosm / Jardin de Microcosme)

Big European Bubble Chamber (BEBC)Edit

(Garden of the Microcosm / Jardin de Microcosme)

Radio Frequency cavityEdit

(Garden of the Microcosm / Jardin de Microcosme)

A picture about the RF cavity in the LEP tunnel at this webpage (bottom) available.

English: A Radio Frequency cavity of the LEP

Cockcroft-Walton generator (CW)Edit

(Garden of the Microcosm / Jardin de Microcosme)



Super Proton Synchrotron (SPS)Edit

UA1 and UA2Edit