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Italian city on the east coast of Sicily

Airport Vincenzo BelliniEdit

Aerial views / Vedute dall'aereoEdit

Castello UrsinoEdit

Fontana di Proserpina / Fountain of Proserpina (1904)Edit

Chiese / ChurchesEdit


Historical images / Immagini storicheEdit

Mappe / MapsEdit

Palaces / PalazziEdit

Arcivescovado / ArchbishopryEdit

Palazzo BiscariEdit

University - Former Benedictine conventEdit

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Miscellaneous / Altri palazziEdit

Parks / ParchiEdit

People of Catania / Personalità famoseEdit

Vincenzo Bellini - memorabiliaEdit

Roman BuildingsEdit

Squares / PiazzeEdit

Piazza Duomo / Cathedral SquareEdit

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More squares / Altre piazzeEdit

Via CrociferiEdit

Miscellaneous / VarieEdit