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Škoda 742 was a family of rear-engined sedans produced by AZNP Mladá Boleslav between 1976 and 1990. The first models to be produced were Škoda 105 S, Škoda 105 L and Škoda 120 L. Škoda 105 S and L were impoverished versions of Škoda 120 L.

Since 1977 vehicles in the Škoda 742 underwent yearly modernizations, however only a few of them are visible from the outside. Also in 1977, the Škoda 120 LS was put into production.

In 1978 Škoda 120 GLS and a standard Škoda 120 model was put into production, the latter was identical to the Škoda 105 S with the exception of having reclining front seats.

In 1979 all vehicles in Škoda 742 family received a plastic spoiler on the trunk which greatly improved the airflow around the car.

In 1981 Škoda 105 SP, Škoda 120 LE and Škoda Garde were put into production. Also in 1981 the Škoda 105 L and Škoda 120 L received new oval-shaped headlamps instead of the old round ones.

In 1982 Škoda 120 LE was put into production. Also the rear view mirror on all Škoda 742 models was changed from a chrome one to a plastic one.

In 1983 Škoda 742 underwent the most extensive modernization in its history, there many external changes including a new front with the oval headlights from 105 L and 120 L versions and larger rear lights among other improvements. Also in 1983 production of the Škoda 105 GL, standard Škoda 120 and Škoda 120 LE ceased.

In 1984 Škoda 742 underwent another small modernization which added small indicators on the sides as well as rear fog lights. Also in 1984 production of Škoda Garde ceased and Škoda Rapid was produced instead, also Škoda 130 L and Škoda Rapid 130 were put in production.

In 1985 all models of Škoda 742 (with the exception of Škoda 105 S, Škoda 105 L and Škoda 105 SP) received new type of headlamps.

In 1986 production of Škoda 105 S and Škoda Rapid (120 version) ceased while Škoda 130 GL was put in production. Also all Škoda 742 vehicles received a second rear-view mirror on the side opposite the driver.

In 1987 production of Škoda 120 LS, Škoda 120 GLS and Škoda 120 LX ceased while Škoda 135 and Škoda 136 entered production. Also all Škoda 742 vehicles received headrests on the front seats.

In 1988 production of Škoda 105 L, Škoda 105 SP, Škoda 130 L, Škoda 130 GL and Škoda Rapid 130 ceased while Škoda 125 L was put into production. Also all Škoda 742 vehicles received a new type of grill.

In 1989 production of Škoda 120 L and Škoda 120 GL ceased.

In 1990 production of Škoda 125 L, Škoda 135 and Škoda 136 ceased.


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